2013 in review and reflection

2013 in review and reflection

the Big First thing here today, is to thank all of you…for being here, for riding the journey with me, for being part of the road trip, for making your dance/art beautiful and inviting and strong, for sharing your world with me and us. I could not do what I do without the tribes, the teams, the students, the teachers, the friends, the community.


I love this time of year for so many reasons… no, not really the christmas thing, and not the resolution schemes, but going into reflection mode and dreaming and taking time to travel deep inside and resurrecting some visions while tossing other ones and inventing new ones.

I dig looking back at the year, in words, in projects, in play, and in photos. What have I done this year? What made me feel amazing? What made me burst with enthusiasm? Did my work reach my intended folk? What was I able to pass on? What did I learn? Was I of service? Who rocked my world? ( I shared many of them with you weekly on my blog!)

Someone asked me the other day, what would I never do again, as in what did I regret? That was so difficult for me to answer, as I don’t approach anything or leave anything with that word. I never regret what I have done. Sure, maybe I could have done something differently, but I always learn by my actions, and move on. I choose what I do and DO IT!

I’ve been compiling photos from the year—workshops I taught, performances I’ve given, gigs I played, people I’ve met, students who  studied my intensives with me, and play time too. My life co-mingles with itself because usually my work is my play and vice versa, as I love what I do!

Probably one of the best things I did do this year was play more than usual. I made specific time in my life and work schedule to get out and have even more fun, and take the down time needed and adventure out. That has always been hard for me to do, as a solo entrepreneur and active business woman. I still need to pay the bills and run the biz. But I finally released that anxiety and made time to turn off and hit the road with my man, my dogs, my vintage trailer, to play some honky tonk in a few bands, and sometimes to do nothing. And you know, I need more of that kind of time! I’ll be asking for that this next year for myself!


ok, so in reflection, what did I do this year for my dance and business world goals?

First, I had a great time with my man and my dogs…most important thing to me…

then I can move through the rest of my world!

I have an amazing new website.

I have kicked back into my blog lovin writing, along with my guest editor-Deirdre MacDonald Clitheroe.

I volunteer weekly at the local Humane Society, and adore giving back to the critters who need love.

I attended Marie Forleo’s B-school-dang…and am forever grateful for the B-school Babes.

I traveled to new places around the world (just a few-Mexico City, Austria, Toronto, Las Vegas).

I certified many dancers worldwide in Gypsy Caravan’s Collective Soul and Teacher Training intensives, and I am soooo proud and honored.

I trademarked and rebranded Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™… I’m owning my stuff, finally!

I started to build a more cohesive, powerful, talented, gorgeous, and approachable Gypsy Caravan Team full of incredible dancers.

And we finished up the new Gypsy Caravan Affiliate Program.

I developed new Master Teacher Certification programs.

I hired an amazing Project Manager- thanks to Karen Sargeant–one needs amazing peeps to work with and make work way more enjoyable!

I published several new online classes and E-courses, worked with amazing people, and learned so much myself.

We gathered in Portland for a Gypsy Caravan and sister troupes reunion from the past twenty years. So grand to see some of our past dancers, musicians, and friends…and wonderful to still have a connection with them.

I went on several roadtrips in my vintage campers.

I played guitar and washboard in 2 country bands and built up lots of callouses on my guitar pickin’ fingers, and wrote some killer songs.

And I get to play music with my family too, husband, brother, sister, and mom…how cool is that?

I attended freakin amazing music concerts and saw some of my heroes–Dale Watson, Lyle Lovett, Sturgill Simpson, and did lots of boot scootin’…

I got certified to teach Zumba.

I attended World Domination Summit (and have my ticket for next year!), with a few more heroes-Chris Guillebeau, Danielle La Porte, Bob from Bob’s Red Mill.


Gypsy Caravan had some amazing gigs and workshops…and I am forever grateful for my own home girl tribe…we had an amazing year together from local and over the seas…with reverance to Cinzia DiCioccio, Amanda Richardson, Carol Vance, Gina Lee, Nina Martinez, Hilary Giovale, and Karen Hunt ( with blessings to Hilary on her new journey)


What is my word for 2014? not sure yet….

but among the possibles are: illuminate, ignite, and excite!

Do I have goals, visions, dreams for 2014?…always, but I also leave plenty of space for spontaneity and letting myself live in the moment, I am getting better and better at that…

As the first day kicks in, my man is on his way back to Ohio for his mother’s passing…a sad time but inevitable…may we move through this with peace, love, and grace…

So I am starting off the year with a 3 day cleansing fast, to start off feeling lighter and brighter (you too?!)…I am fortunate to have the time for quiet writing, cleansing, letting go, dancing hard, and more of that reflection–on life and death and family–and always dreaming big…

Plus my desires for the year ahead:

I am still downsizing, and what a relief to pass on some of my beloved items…And we plan on building a 800 sq ft home to live in…

Excitedly more pumping up  the Gypsy Caravan brand and name with style and love!

Developing more empowering and magical online courses for you with dance, writing, inspiration, health, healing, and freakin fun!

Joining up with more tribes and more exciting travel.

Prosperity on every level.

I want to create more magic, within me, to bubble up and out and let my whole being shine and sparkle, so I can share it.

“The true magic of ritual is in the art of noticing as a practice. Some months may be elaborate, and others a simple moment of silence is enough. This earth medicine stuff, it’s a lifestyle. Just, start with noticing.” Thank you herbmother.

I want to FEEL the love, and that starts from within.

I want to live every second with passion and compassion.

I want to open up and share myself more, with vulnerability and truth.

Writing,writing, writing…

Fun, fun, fun…

play, play, play

love, love, love…

Do you take the time for yourself, to revisit, reflect, dream, journal, vision quest, honor, ritual? Will you in the new year? Can you? Join me…

Again, thank you for being here, for sharing in my words, for sharing yours, joining me in my travels, the dance and the living of life…I am so glad you are here…and here is to a wondrous 2014…


Here are a few photos from my world of 2013….and you can see more on my Flikr page. Enjoy…


and there are even more photos on the website


What are your words for 2014? Please share in the comments! I would love to know…


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