The amazing Dance schedule for our Breitenbush Retreat!


21st annual Tribal Bellydance Women’s Weekend

Apr 25-27, 2014

Tribal Dance, Tribal Vision, Tribal Bliss-

 a movement journey

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit Oregon

With Paulette Rees-Denis and Carol Vance of

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And Lynea Gillen,


  Cammi,  (3)


Darshan… aka Miss Cammi Vance!

A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more…for all women, new dancers as well as seasoned dancers

  What does the weekend look like?

Imagine creating a powerful and creative circle of dancing women…

We breathe

We write

We dance

We shake it off and bring it on

We honor ourselves and each other

We stretch

We love

We laugh

We sweat, both on the dance floor and in the sauna

We soak, loving the healing water and the heat

We dance alone, yet with each other

We hunt and gather, inside to outside

Meditating, journaling, dancing…feel the love…

…so excited for this year’s Tribal Dance/ Tribal Vision/Tribal Bliss retreat–

I’ve got the schedule cooked up for you to peruse and mark the date on your calendar to join us!

Join our circle of amazing women, get your Tribal Groove on… reach down deep and share the dreams, the dance, the sisterhood…

This year Lynea brings you, again,  her energetic African fusion, and Yoga for Dancers, but also  her new groundbreaking healing work – called Tension Release Exercises-TRE! (            She is the only certified instructor on the west coast…

 Darshan adds flair with Contemporary Bellydance Fusion…Chakra Dance Flow, Dance Conditioning, and Elemental Combos

Paulette and Carol bring you Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance

 at its finest, beginning moves to new combos! Plus some heart pumping Tribal Grooves…

 And Paulette and Lynea take you on a movement journey—

Tribal Bliss- Dance and Vision-a movement journey

combining dance, trance, yoga, and journaling.

 Add to that…

… an altar of assorted chocolates that you all bring to share (labeled please!) on Friday night, and an informal Salon for enjoyment and entertainment on Saturday night, we bring you this weekend to give you “you” time, to dance yourself into bliss, with new and old friends, and the Breitenbush experience which includes taking hot-tubs outdoors, saunas, eating delicious vegetarian meals, and you are surrounded by the gorgeous mountains, a rushing river, with a labyrinth to walk, possible time for a massage (booked directly through Breitenbush) this will be an awe-inspiring weekend… get registered NOW!

Read below for the schedule of dance heaven!

The schedule

Friday, arrive after 4:00 (or come early to soak, but cabin checkin at 4:00—please come to the main lodge to check in, not the office!)

  • Dinner at 6 pm
  • Gather at 7:00 in dance clothes to sweat and groove in (nothing fancy yet!)
  • We love the Friday night Dance-a-thon… We’ll get into some Chakra Dance with Darsan, kick it up a bit with Tribal Grooves with Paulette and Carol, and tear it up with African Fusion style with Lynea..and we’ll work it out until about 10 pm!
  • Saturday
  • 8 am Breakfast
  • 9 am-10:30, Tribal Bliss — with Lynea and Paulette—
  • bring your journal and pen, warm cover up, and wear your comfortable dance clothes—write, trance, dance, yoga, meditation
  • 10:30- 11:30 —Tribal Bellydance with Carol—this will focus on beginning to intermediate levelreview and drill…
  • 11:30- 1:00, with Darshan–NY Dance Condition: Exercises, drills, layers & lines for fierceness, wellness, and grace. Includes yoga flow, prehab and strength, and cardio push, including exercises from world dance and modern dance.
  • 1:00-2:00–Lunch
  • 2:00 – 3:00–Free time
  • 3:00-4:00 African Dance with Lynea– wake it up!
  • 4:00-5:00—Tribal Grooves and Combos with Paulette
  • 5:00-6:00 Elemental Combos with Darshan
  • 6:00-7:00 Dinner
  • 8 pm Our casually fabulous informal Salon, but get in about 7:45 to grab a seat.
  • NOTE: This is your time to share your stuff, a poem, song, dance, story, whatever..If you are wanting to perform/share something in the salon, please sign up by noon with Paulette. You have a five minute maximum time slot. Please label your CD or IPod and have it cued up… Ipods work better, the burned CDs have been known to act crazy! The other folk staying at Breitenbush are invited to watch, and stay for the dancing after…
  • 9:30ish, informal dance for all! And of course, more chocolate
  • Sunday
  • 8-9 am Breakfast
  • 9:15 Gather in the lodge for Lynea’s healing work – Tension Release Exercises-TRE! She is the only certified teacher for this on the west coast…be ready for an amazing body release and healing!
  • 10:15 Time for our powerful group discussion
  • 11:15 time to drill and review and a big open chorus as we all dance together for our time together!
  • 12:00 lunch
  • You MUST be out of your cabin by 1:00, but you can stay at Breitenbush to relax and soak until 3 pm…
  • Please note: all classes are optional, but we really love when you participate in everything, as it builds a deeper connection for you, with the dance and the experience, and each other. Also, please be on time for the classes… thank you…
  • Now how about it? Ready to get registered? Space is limited so come have a weekend full of dance, love, sweat, laughter, tears, healing, bliss, and all those extras that Breitenbush offers too! 

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