My life is rich in so many ways…so many..I am blessed, fortunate, full of gratitude, for what has been, what is, and what lies ahead.

551810_10151214439163668_1218938635_nBut now is the moment I’ve been waiting for…to be here right now, today, this minute, as I bask in the gorgeous sunlight streaming  through the window onto my dining room table, with my iPad, colorful markers, several journals, with time for doodling and writing, my corgi dog at my feet, a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio, and welcoming in this New Year. Damn…2013! How can I not be excited? I made it. And am ready to take it on and bring it in, and relish in the gloriousness.

2012 was the year I pulled it back together, pulled through, stood up, proud, trusted myself more than I ever had, took control once more, with passion and desire and longing, and need, with the have to’s taking me by the elbow to survive, to keep going, to f*+<ing make it and get over it.

When life throws us curves, we sink or swim, do or die, make the best or make the worst, fall into the rut, or get the hell up and move on forward. Life is for living! Juicily, creatively, passionately.

One finds out who your truest peeps are, your connections that have been real, when you shift and change and adapt. Moving away or moving on. Crisis or celebration. Despair or rejoicing. You see that life goes on without you or with you. You just step it up, ultimately for yourself. There are those that need you, that want you, that support you, that throw you aside. Old school I feel sometimes, with the beautiful manners and respect that my incredible mom and dad taught me, that is so lacking in so many these days. The crush of no respect, no acknowledgement. The community that builds together, also tears down together…how sad for me to witness, and see what has become of something that brought me the greatest pleasure at one time. The love that once was…ah, forgiveness and letting go…those are my lessons.


Ah, so… I move on,  from this minute, to trust, to know what I do best, what I have to offer, what my strengths and my purposes are. What we all strive for, what we all desire, is that not true?

How about this?


( thanks to Dan Pink…check this out…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc&feature=share)

Wow…that says it all…

Because living is courageous (thanks to www.rebellesociety.com)

My word for 2012 was FUN…. And I had a lot of it…. Personal fun, more than I’ve had I years….and I have loved it so…

And now my word for 2013 is

Rediscovery….(it started out being possibilitarian…but I added to it)

What is yours?

Happy new year ahead for you, to you, and yours… fill it with the moment!


***oh, yea, and look for the soon to be released e-course!

Tribal Bliss — Dance and Vision

 … a movement journey

With Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen…

A four week e-course, coming to you in 2013!

Lynea and I are so excited to share this, finally able to take it out of our dance studio and pass it on through the internet to you.

This is a course for you if you want to sparkle, move, dance, stretch, shake, write, shine, dig in, breathe, create, and move some more…

We want you to feel delicious in your body, to be vibrant and healthy and full of vitality. To have some time for yourself, to lavish yourself with empowerment, to experiment with your dance, to feel blissful in your body and to release your mind, soul, and body! By combining our backgrounds of Tribal Bellydance, African Dance, writing, yoga, healing, therapy, trance and meditation, we bring you this new course, first time online, to play with and enjoy over the next four weeks, and to continue on your journey, wherever that leads you. We have taught these ideas separately and together over the past 25 years, and we both just love teaching together. We have seen the need for this type of combined movement and writing classes as we have ventured on the path, the desire to get out of our head and into our bodies more, to write and move and enjoy and release—tension, aches, thoughts, emotions, whatever you need to let go of- then invite in desires and dreams, and to purely enjoy your body and the way you feel like moving.

What you get with this course is a downloadable set of worksheets in PDF formats, weekly writing exercises and body prompts, some short video clips of dance and yoga warmups, podcasts of meditations and visualizations, and direction from both of us on the theme of the week. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

We will keep you posted on starting dates for this winter…Thank you and see you soon!Tribal Bliss

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