Would you like to name your price for some great tribal goodies???

Hey my friends!

What a fabulous holiday season it has been…mellow and music making and movies and great food and friends…getting into that reflection time (of course it is always that time for me!)

But here I am, also getting ready for taxes and doing those year closing things like counting inventory! I’ve had several bouts of website hacking the last few weeks, my apologies if you’ve tried to stop by and couldn’t visit….

so what I will do for you today and tomorrow is to have you name a price to me of what of our delights you would like to begin your year with! What can you pay? Name your price, by Monday night….

Look at all the fab tshirts we have left in your sizes (posted at the bottom of each page)

IMG_0342 DSCF4947 DSCF6388 DSCF4938 tribal rocks karen and carol smaller sun, cinzia, deirdre- JOY 2012 DSCF7303




Plus Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance

tribal vision cover



Plus all #1-11, Tribal Technique DVDs-woo hoo




and Tribal Travels- the documentary about tribal and Gypsy Caravan, plus all the cds that are left in physical form (not many)

tribal rocks 4 postcard set draft 4

and those fab Tribal Rocks postcards (series of four)Alrighty then… that’s a lot of good stuff…you name your price, and as long as it is not any amount that is not insulting or disrespectful, I will accept, and as long as we still have it in stock (no rainchecks!)

You email  me and tell me what you would like, how much you can pay, and your email  mailing address. I will paypal you an invoice with shipping!

So excited… I”ve never done this before, but this is my year end clearance, with a

HUGE thank you to all of you for being here, for loving what you do and what I do… and an amazing fantastic new year full of love and creativity and gratitude for all of you!

ok, let ‘er rip! email me and load on  up by tomorrow night!



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