What’s on the agenda for me?

Hello my fine tribal-y inspired friends!

I am so excited about the work I’ve been doing, and all is coming your way soon—

so just to share a little with you now of what has been going on with me and my work with Tribal Bellydance!

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1. My new website will be up and running very soon… It is being designed by one of my babes-Christine Thatcher! Yes, I have this new super strong connection with independent entrepreneurs around the globe because of the Business course I took this past spring…Marie Forleo’s B-School (Hot, Happy, and Rich B-School!) and we call each other B-school babes! so one of my babes is redesigning my website so it is easier for you to get what you want from it!  and gorgeous too…woo hoo…

2. Tribal Bliss #2– A four week e-course, coming to you September 9th, 2013!    Weaving with the Power of your Creative Feminine Essence

… a movement journey

With Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen…

A four week e-course, starting September 9th, 2013! Registration starts August 25th!

read more here…


3.  The Tribal Quest! another fantastic online course- six weeks, bringing you the dance, the workout, the ideas, the creatives-a plethora of amazing women to share with you, plus more  tribal stuff to guide you to be in your now space–so beautifully and inspired and with celebration of ourselves. Coming in October!

4. My Master Teachers are about to hit the road, to bring you more of the brilliant Collective Soul Experience… NIna, Hilary, Amanda, with some new Master Teachers in the works… (Do you want to join our Master Teaching Team? We would love to have you!)-

-New dates for Collective Soul Level One in Flagstaff, AZ!

February 1 and 2, Saturday and Sunday

Join Hilary Giovale, Gypsy Caravan dancer and Master Teacher for two days of our incredible Tribal Bellydance Certification Intensive, …for some amazing Tribal goodness–get the roots of Tribal, the history, the steps, the connection, and more…. email dance@gypsycaravan.us for info and application…and check out


**And the Collective Soul / Teacher Training in Portland this October is getting full up, but YES, you can still join in… http://globalcaravandance.com/item_description.php?IID=148

Plus I have a new Project Manager (another babe!)-Karen, who is rocking my world… Ah this is the way work can be… who knew? This is the way work will make my work all the more fabulous and give me more time to work with you!…and I am looking to expand my team with a Creative Assistant (if you know anyone!)

The Dance Coaching part of my biz is expanding ( I soooo love working with you on your dance dreams!) and my writing course is coming out in the winter, and now I’m gearing up for my upcoming global tours… check my site to see if I will be in your area (or you can bring the Gypsy Caravan to you!)

All of this means that I have more opportunities to share the Tribal Love, to get you moving and grooving in your body, mind, and spirit, using  Tribal Bellydance — the Gypsy Caravan format, as the catalyst and the celebration for you, to you, as we join in with each other, to make our lives and our world the incredible, creative, and supportive place to thrive!

And on top of that, I am assisting at Alexandra Franzen’s writing workshop this weekend… Can’t wait to soak up her wild and delicious creative energy, and will tell you about it next week…

And how happy I am that you are here, to learn, to share, and be a part of this amazing experience…

thank you…..


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