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The Anthology is here!

Today, Thanksgiving! What a gift….

A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology —


Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology — a PDF download

D-Quad 2008-2009, Volume One 52 pages, 11 x 8.5″

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Over the past year, many dancers have written in to my monthly enewsletter, Caravan Trails/Tribal Travels, to share their dance experiences and visions with me and our readers. It has been so exciting and rewarding to reprint these words, poems, artwork, and stories and put them into one beautiful anthology, our first one, for you to treasure, reread, be inspired by, and honor our experiences in dance, and life.

Here are just a few wonderful excerpts from the Anthology:

from the poem, Essence, by Luluna…

Head sways, hand swoops,

hip swerves, skirts swirl,

Bellies ripple, bodies whirl.

from Hilary Giovale…

Tribal Style was here in front of my eyes – the passion and deep beauty that women are capable of when they come together in a common creative endeavor. I suddenly understood it as the synergy that occurs when women move in unison, when they unite in a visual representation of heartfelt self-expression.

from Lynea Gillen…

I realize it’s the same thing I feel in circles of tribal dance. It’s the healing quality, and the community support that has been the most important aspect of the dance.

from Myla Stauber…

Women moving in their own perfect space, barefoot on the pavement, owning the pavement, and time slows, nearly stops, in their ticking moments of vulnerability and strength melding in movement and exposure.

And we have included photos and bios of the writers who have so graciously contributed to this gathering of dancer’s dreams! What is excitingly different, is that this anthology is available to you in PDF format, for you to read and keep on your computer, or to print if you desire the paper version. This is my way to experiment with technology to be a paper-saving, cost-efficient way of sending you this art booklet. Only $6.00 Buy Now

My desire is that you honor the art, the art form of this Anthology, and the Publisher. by not resending the PDF to others. This is a one-time download for you. We thank you for not giving away or sharing the Anthology. When you purchase this Anthology, please be sure to include your email address so that I can send you the PDF.

Enjoy, and I look forward to Volume Two, next year at this time. Please see the monthly enewsletter for submission guidelines, and be a part of the growing network of dancer’s words. Thank you!

**And an extra special treat for you! If you order my book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance, now, you will receive the Anthology FREE! by December 10th.

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May you have a splendid holiday season! Keep on dreaming and dancing, and being remarkable..

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