a lovely review of my book, Tribal Vision!

It always makes my heart happy and my spirit feel a connection with my work even more, when I receive a  thoughtful and touching review of my book, Tribal Vision! And I just got this email, thank you Ariel for taking the time to read the book, and write back to me! Thought I would share this all with you, too…

Hi Paulette,

I wanted to let you know that I came back from an out-of-town trip and found your book waiting for me. What a treat! I really enjoyed learning more about your journey and the origins of tribal style, and as I am gradually progressing in my dance studies, I can relate to many of the stories of your students. I watch the more experienced dancers with awe, and a little envy, then remind myself that the dance only demands that I be myself and be present in the moment. Everything else will come when it wills. I particularly enjoyed your more philosophical/metaphysical explorations into where you are taking tribal – the healing work, the trance states. Do you plan to publish more along these lines? I hope so. It was a brief, but tantalizing, introduction in the current work and I’d like to learn more of what you are finding as I, too, have a ongoing interest in archetypes, tarot, trance states, etc. (I was never the stereotypical, very concrete, firefighter – ha! – just hid it enough to get by…)
And, as a little passing along of the good karma, I wrote a review of “Tribal Vision” on Amazon. I hope it serves to send some other questing, book-buying souls your way.

Thanks again and “Latcho Drom,”

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