Collective Soul starts again!

So nice to have a small intimate group of dancers to work with! My 2 weeks of intensives has started; yesterday was day one of Collective Soul Level One with five dancers from England, Oregon, Washington, and California. (One dancer got strep throat and could not make it at the last minute.) We had a great first day of dancing and lots of talking. That is what I love about this course. We really get to voice our thoughts, opinions, questions, and get down into the meat of tribal, what it really is, what it means, the evolution, the roots, and so much more. We began with the basic moves, (with the left side, thank you!) and several zil patterns, and eight rhythms. A fun group of women ranging from ages 27 to 53, how cool is that?

The girls got to visit my little farm and feed my two new baby goats, and enjoyed a quick lunch at my store, and then had time to drive to the coast after our session had ended for dinner and a sunset on the beach! Today is more intensive dancing and fun, then they get to join in my classes in Portland tonight. Tomorrow is testing already! A very intensive three days!

Then on to Teacher Training Level One, CS2 and CS3, for the next 1 1/2 weeks….love it!

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