a magical place to dance, and what a party!

Last weekend Gypsy Caravan and friends had a great opportunity to grace a dock on the river with our dance for a very large private party. Karen Harte from the Collective joined myself and Gypsy Carol, along with former Gypsy dancer Karen Hunt! What a treat for me as well as the audience. Karen Hunt is a soulmate to me, an amazing dance partner with wonderful energy, and it was wonderful to have her join us for this show. With Carol’s beauty and grace, and with Karen Harte’s poise and stature, along with my smile (that about fell off my face when we were done dancing!), the four of us fired up the party and rocked the boats (literally). With the sunset behind us over the water, and the full moon coming up in front of us over the hilltops, the audience was in fine spirits, and really watched us with full attention and let me tell you, you could feel the love! It was a great, short set, included our new dynamic sword piece, and K. Hunt added some flag twirling. We ended with a really fast and furious song but I think we could have danced forever. And we were lucky to have Gypsy Jeff and his friend Brett come to play horns and drums for us as we processed in, and they played for the audience to dance when we were done. They sounded fantastic!

We were able to hang out afterwards and did a bit more casual dancing. And our hostess was forever gracious and grateful. She had also hired Jeff to come back EARLY Saturday morning (a bit after sunrise) to play the didgeridoo; a dream of hers was to wake up hearing the didg over the water. He was more thanhappy to fulfill her dream! So we set him up, also on the dock, with the misty morning waters drifting behind him as he played his haunting didg tunes, adding a bit of light percussion, and it was awe inspiring. Karen Hunt and I joined him with some drumming for a few songs—and I love playing my frame drum—and it was a fantastic morning. The campers had that special treat of the low vibrational sounds that reach into your heart and soul as they woke up and came to the dock for the morning coffee. Ahh… I love the didgeridoo. The whole event was magic.

(Top that off with a concert by the amazing Lyle Lovett that night, and I can say…heaven! Brought me to tears, wrung my heart out, and what an entertainer, that’s what I’m talking about.)

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