an excerpt from my newsletter to think about!

Just so we can be more interactive, I thought I would copy this excerpt from my August Caravan Trails/Tribal Travels enewsletter! I love to hear what you have to say.

Here are some questions and a thought…When you dance, what do you strive for? Why did you start dance classes? Do you try to be pretty good at it? Or do you want to be spectacular? Do you just show up and go through the moves? Will you just be a mediocre dancer? What kind of risk do you take with your dance? Do you give yourself credit?
We all dance our own dance, even if it is a group dance. We are different ages, different sizes, different abilities. Some of us are serious about making a career out of our dance, or wanting get in a performing group. Some of us want to just dance for fun and community. Amen. But we can all be winners in our own dance if we take the risk. (And in all areas of our life.) That is a risk of doing something great, of trying something different, of pushing ourselves to a place we did not think we could get to, of challenging ourselves just a little more, of adding extra fun and extra discipline. Whatever it takes. Anything else you do is a waste of your time. Because you matter. Make what you do worth doing! Say yes, live with hope, make a difference, say yes to yourself. Be a winner and be remarkable.

now, tell me about it!

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