A mangle of chains

A mangle of chains


Have you ever felt like this? A jumble, a mangle, a tied up mass of chains? Like when all your necklaces get into a tangled wad and you can’t find a way to undo them into single strands!

And where do you begin? You look at turn the wad around and around in your hands, and then you throw the mess down frustrated, only to have to begin again!

I just went through this again, as I am sorting out my eclectic collection of gems, changing jewelry boxes and display ideas for my new house. Sifting through what to keep and what to sell or pass on, and what a mess. How to untangle, then decide what I still love, which pieces still make me feel great to wear, which ones mean the world to me and have delicious memories, which ones need to go, and to see the ones I’ve hung on to for no good reason.

Life journeys! Just like…

It’s takes a step back, to assess, to ponder, even to take some deep breaths. Allowing time but also really feeling in the moment. That gut reaction, the true intuition of desire and passion and love, and then letting go of the unnecessary, the not-me stuff anymore. Why hang on to what doesn’t work? Why allow the past to stop  one from moving forward?

What are you hanging onto? What stops you from blossoming into your most vibrant self? What stops your body from moving the way you want it to feel?

Clarity for one–this is the biggie! With my coaching clients, we go through layers and have fun finding their true desires, their needs and wants. Like untangling that mass of chains…sorting, defining, cleaning, tossing… Clarity. Desire. Purpose. Visioneering. Future Tripping.

What a great part of the journey.


I love this process, of sorting and clearing, acknowledging the changes, the release of what is holding one back, letting go of fear and old patterns, of changing your story.

And then comes the MAP–Massive Action Plan…oh, this is the yummy part!

And then the getting results. Of feeling the rightness, the clearness, the openness, the release, the lightness, to move forward with intention and passion… yes ma’am… the surity, like inking that new tattoo, of wearing that necklace that makes  your heart sing, allowing the abundance to flow, and be in harmony…

the Flow… so good, so right… to move the body, move the soul, gather momentum, and create the magic in your life you are so ready for!

Are you at this point? Want to get untangled? So ready to move on and let go of what is holding you back? Sick of the jumble? Let’s gather and see if I can guide you. This is what I do…New Logo 3


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I want to guide you into your motivation! Movement, Momentum, and Magic! Those values and tools of life, for living to our fullest, are what I use in our coaching sessions!

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Ready for a free 30 minute consult with me? Let’s see where you are and if I can guide you to your desires! Contact me at dance@gypsycaravan.us

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