a poem I read in England and D-Quad for December

One of the days that Louisa took me around the cute little town of Lewes, near Brighton, we went into a fabulous bookstore…danger, danger, I”m thinking of my luggage and the return flight home!

I could have bought several books, they were so unique and beautiful and different than many bookstores in the US, and and… but I contained myself, grabbing the new Tiniwaren CD, while leafing through many pages. I opened a poetry book by Peter Abbs, The Flowering of Flint, and the first page I turned to was a poem titled Artist’s Manifesto. It rang in my heart. I had to buy the book on that poem. And I have since fallen in love with his work. Evocative, questioning, stating what is.

The artist detonates his mind to let in God’s.
Under his loaded brush the world ignites.

Perception burns to vision. Metaphysics
Dance in his eyes. Under is finger-tips

All life’s transmutation, an alchemist’s laboratory
For experiments, Oh!-to set the imagination free

In the hard crucible of nature, to begin
To murder fate, to let the incandescent angel in!


What do you think? The creative process is a wonderful and delightful adventure!

Dance and Winter

For the December D-Quad, Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams, our dancer/writer forum in my monthly newsletter,  (Caravan Trails/Tribal Travels–which you can subscribe to on my web pages– www.gypsycaravan.us) can you write a poem or a short about Dance and Winter! Whatever those words mean to you, put them together and send it in to me at dance@gypsycaravan.us and include your bio and a photo if you have one!

Due by November 20th,  600 words or so…Thanks for sharing…

And watch for the Tribal Dancer’s Anthology, coming to you in PDF soom, very exciting!

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