a request of you-Going After the Dream

If you have not had the opportunity to buy or read Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance, my book on my journey through this wonderful dance life, you can still get in on the Book Giveaway, see below, a few posts down! I have extended the deadline to Oct. 20th. so far, some great entrees!

If you have read it, I now have a request of you. Can you take a few and write a review of Tribal Vision for me, and then post it on your blog, at amazon.com, at Goodreads.com, LibraryThing.com, on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and anywhere else you can think to post words about my first book. You can even send it to me! Put in a word for it, if you have some time ( a few minutes, or an hour, depending on how much you want to say about it!)

I thank you sincerely, in advance, for your thoughtful words. We all need a bit of a push these days, and I would love to see my book out there, reaching more women (and men) about the possibilities they can accomplish in their lives. Going after the dream, that’s what it is all about. And living your passions…

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