Ahhh….and again we meet.

Well, it has happened. My delightful blog has taken a back seat, but just for the time being. And why, you ask? Or, better, I  assume you ask. Because my new shop, Cultivator General Store, has opened. Last Thursday was our opening day, with an action packed couple of days, with wine and cheese tasting, bellydancing with my fabulous troupe who braved the commute to come and dance for me and to honor the new adventure.

The community has honored Jeff and myself by coming to visit, and shop, and drink and eat, and I am beyond thrilled. What pleasure it gives me to serve a lovely little lunch of fresh soup and salad made up by my kitchen wiz, Heidi, or myself, with wines or coffees, and add chocolates, and a new apron, and wow….

But it does make other things in my life take a back seat, like emails. this blog, and even my dance world, just to get the store up and open and stocked and running. And it is a beautiful shop, with most of it built by Jeff the husband and amazing carpenter, and designed by moi.  A paradise to visit, sip, shop, and be inspired by organic foods, cheeses, and so much more. Fresh, some local, improvisational cooking at its finest! Soups, salads, cheese plates, oh my…

I will share tales and photos of the whole process when I can breath again, but for now, I am still here, but lurking with thoughts of garbanzo bean and mushroom stew with a garnish of avocado and a roasted red pepper couli, platters of Oregon’s Rogue blue, Washington’s Beecher’s No Woman Jamaican spiced cheese, and a fried up plate of Holoumi (from Cyprus) with capers and lemon, with a full glass of Goat’s Head Red from down the Cascade Cliff Winery (WA)…I’m a happy girl.

and I do plan to give you updates on my dancing journey to Cues and Tattoos, Seattle, last weekend, and my upcoming week in Huntingdon Valley, PA, doing CS1 and CS2 this coming week… but first I must go get off my feet for a spell, and have a sip…

Thanks for hanging on….

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