almost 2011!

Alright my friends, the count down for 2010 and our transition into 2011 is here. What will you do today?

Here is is very icy, and I love how the ground glitters with the white coverage of the frost. So beautiful, and until you start to walk on the frozen ground, it is very quiet, then the footsteps add crunch to the morning stillness. No way to walk through the woods and not be heard!

My day is full of cooking and planning, for our wine tasting celebration tonight at my shop, the Cultivator, and for our New Year’s Early Farmhouse Supper coming up on Sunday. My mother and sister are flying in tomorrow, and my brother will join us, along with several good friends, to eat, drink, and play music together for the new year! Now that’s a lovely way to bring in the next year!

This dance year comes to a close. It has been such a full year, of travel, teaching, injuries, and always more changes. From the big picture of dance to the individual stories. I am so proud of my students, all the hard-dancing women who continue to study and move forward to achieve their dance dreams. I am honored to have been a part of those visions, changes, goals, and I am always the proud mama.

Now this new year is a time for myself, time to heal some of my injuries, time to stop, time to take care of my personal visions and dreams. I have had to cancel some of my workshops for next year due to my shoulder injury, but it also means I will be focusing on myself, a sabbatical from the touring and teaching and giving and sharing. I will miss it because I love it. But one must not give so much they are then depleted¬† themselves. And I have come to that place in my dance life. So time to reflect, but also to let the future unfold in it’s own way for me. I am excited.

Dream Big, was my theme for next month’s D-Quad, our writer’s forum, that came out in December’s enewsletter, and I have gotten some great responses. I will be sharing those with you as we move on…

In the meantime,

I wish you all a splendid New Year, and yes, Bloom and Dream Big…


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