Preparation for the day…

How does your day begin?

sleepy pups
sleepy pups

A  whirlwind? A rush? A moment of quiet?

I love to start my day early, before the rest of my world awakens. That would be husband, dogs, goats, chickens, and a cat! I set my alarm, but usually don’t need it, to be able to have even just a few quiet moments of “me” time, to write, scrapbook, practice yoga, enjoy a cup of coffee with candles lit, make notes for the day, cook, or whatever, before I take the dogs for a walk and begin the farm chores, before I leave for the Cultivator. I love it. And then I can conquer the world, or at least the day.

Today is a full day, so it is necessary for me to start this way. When I get to the shop, I have a delicious lunches to get started, a wonderful soup– wild rice, mushroom, and spinach–along with spring rolls, salad, hummus, and herbed garlic bread, the regular shop opening duties. I so love to cook (and eat), and I enjoy watching our customers eat with smile on their faces because the food is tasty, and healthy!

And after work I start my new 2011 session of yoga classes, which I am excited to begin again, anew for the year, with several new students and returning ones too.

I love teaching my own style of yoga and movement, based on my classes of bellydance and strengthening from the last 25 years. It always feels good to me to stretch and workout, as much as it does to teach others about movement, body awareness, and food!

I am blessed….

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