and now…meet Gina Lee!

You may already know Gina, as she has danced with me in Gypsy C. for many years in Portland and on the road with me. She is one of the quiet ones!

Seriously, she is an incredibly thoughtful, patient, hard-working woman and dancer, and a joy to have in the troupe. She has a heart so full of love for this dance and all the folks that she meets. And to hear how the dance journey is for her, well, it warms my heart, brings a little tear to my eye, and fills me with joy! This dance does powerful stuff, doesn’t it?

Enjoy reading a little of Gina’s thoughts about our Tribal Style Bellydance…


Tribal Fest 2013 - Performance Portraiture; Lee Corkett
GCDCI Tribal Fest 2013 _153


My journey in tribal bellydance literally changed my life. Like all experiences of falling in love… I fell deep and hard. Giddy about my newly discovered passion, it colored my world brighter and richer. While all dance and movement-based art is beautiful, I don’t know that I would have found the sense of beauty and empowerment I discovered within me without tribal bellydance. Not only did I love this dance and the wonderful music I was dancing to but also learning to love the power of being a woman full of the earthy magic that happens when you let go and let your hips and the music move you. One of the most important aspects of Tribal is the sisterhood that forms when you dance together, whether for the first time or the umpteenth. It’s truly remarkable.

 Being in Gypsy Caravan Dance Company was an amazing privilege and joy and I will always treasure those memories. With the new Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, International, Paulette has taken it to the next level. We can truly dance and perform with our sister dancers anywhere in the world! Being able to connect online and dance for each other to a new piece of music or demonstrate a new dance move makes this concept so much easier. While we wish we could all travel the world with Paulette and dance with each other much more often, it makes the times we are able to re-connect in person all the more wonderful.

GCDCI Tribal Fest 2013 _140  (above photos by Pete Giovale)

While being a member of Gypsy Caravan is amazing, being able to teach Paulette’s Gypsy Caravan Tribal style formatted dance is even more wonderful. As I live in Portland, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been trained weekly by her for many years, both as a dancer and a teacher. Being certified in Teacher Training and Collective Soul, I’ve learned not just the technique of the moves but also how to teach it so that the dance student can comprehend the move but also do it physically. Working with students who want to learn to dance or to improve their dance is such an enlightening privilege. To see that spark that happens and to share that wonder and joy about this dance is a great delight and privilege; to teach it is even more rewarding.

I love this dance and the incredible community, local and worldwide, of wonderful dancers, artists and musicians, whom I’ve come to know, admire and learn from. I look forward to this journey and am eager to dance, create, teach and perform with my beautiful dance sisters from all over the world.

 Thank you, Paulette, for creating this dance, this concept, and  the community.

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Thanks Gina for sharing your words and your dance with us. Love it…

and also, all you out there in dance land and beyond, I just wanted to mention to start watching these pages and my website for a fantastic new project I’m working on for us all! Hoping to launch this in September -ish! I”m just giving you a tease now, so you will be ready for it… with lots of dance, writing, fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and more fun stuff! Can’t wait…

….did I pique your curiosity?!!

more to come…:)


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