thrills for a friday!

ok, so this week can’t get much better!

Do you know how it feels when all the things-projects, ideas, paintings, songs–whatever you are working on or towards, fall into place? When you feel freakin’ fabulous, you see the fruits of your hard work, you get to meet like-minded folks and hang out, you find amazing new partners to collaborate with, words are flowing out of you hand, even your hair starts to look better. (I’m getting my platinum back on!)

For the past week, actually the past month, my vision and my mind have been clearer, my time has been spent working on the projects I love. My Tribal Bliss Online Class is up and running for its second round while my partner ┬áLynea and I are filming Tribal Bliss Part 2 (coming this September). I’ve got a new web designer who is revamping up a new website. And when that happens you need to review, restructure, rethink your vision. That vision of what you want your business to be like, or how to change, and what your soul purpose is for your biz and for yourself. Which I am always looking at how I can work with and help guide other dancers and artists, my soul purpose!

I’ve had several rehearsals every week, with the Gypsy Caravan ┬ádancers and band that sounds so great, for our upcoming shows. Very inspiring to dance with live music, oh yea.

Plus my two new country inspired bands are so much fun.


In fact, the Rusty Dawg Revue had our first gig yesterday for a big th of July party… I am loving playing with these guys (Jeff included!) Like-minded positive friends, that is who you need to surrond yourself with. folks who are rockin’ it. Makes the world go round, makes you shine, makes you want to do those things you want to do even more.

And that being said, today kicks of the World Domination Summit! WDS in Portland… I’ve been waiting months for this weekend… a weekend full of 3000 like-minded peeps, out to do their own thing, their own vision, with purpose and love and art and support. Parties, lectures, workshops, meetups… loads of good stuff flying all around.

so I’m off, now and can’t wait to fill you in more about the who’s and what’s of the event… I want you to soar and fill your heart and do your work and have a blast…

I am blessed…thanks for being here…

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