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Dance and Desire

Why move?


I know that when I  move my body, I mean really move it (and I don’t mean just walking up the stairs!), I feel great—and what does “great” feel like? Limber, flexible, strong, sexy, alive. I LOVE those feelings, and relish feeling that way in my body and my heart and soul And when I don’t move, I feel stagnant, stiff, achy, and even grouchy. Not so great, right?

When I dance, it opens up my heart, puts a smile on my face, a glisten to my skin, and a lightness in my walk. And when I feel lazy and don’t want to stretch, I feel slumpy (new word!) and heavy, even burdened with life—that is how my spirit feels when I just can’t find even 10 minutes to shake it out.

Which ways would you rather feel?

What do you desire most?

Let’s find out.

Why is it so hard sometimes to spend that bit of quality time to feel better, to feel great, to feel freakin’ amazing-alive, strong, sexy?

We chatted briefly about this in my Tribal Grooves dance class this morning. Because when class was over, we all were glowing, with pride and laughter and sweat, and as I asked everyone how they felt, a few of the words were, light, no stress, great!

Sooooo, the big question is… Why don’t we do the things that make us feel great, more often? Why do we self-sabotage?

A lovely young woman today said because other things felt more important. But truly, what could be MORE important than taking care of ourselves? Of allowing ourselves to feel great,  so that everything else we do feels great…you know…the trickle down effect? It really does need to be YOU first, then everything else after…

Allowing, allow, to allow…

that is only ONE of my Core Desired Feeling (My CDFs-thank you Danielle LaPorte) words this year. To allow myself to feel, to have, to do, the most important feelings and doings I can have. Why? Because I am put on this earth to BE, to live, to experience, to share, and a hard part for me has been to allow myself to have, to be, to live.

Between guilt, workaholism, and creative struggle, I, in the past, have put me last. And in the long run, and the short, that is not a good thing. I am here to live, and take care of me first, and then I can truly do the work/play/love that I am here to do, my life’s purpose, with joy and abandon, and wonder, and wisdom.

I so love putting words to the feelings… remember,

Thoughts become words, become things–become real!


This takes us deep into the parameters of

Dance And Desire...

my gathering place of  a like-minded tribe, of women who want to share, who need support, who wish to dive in who want to shine, to desire to honor their bodies, who want to be accepted as they are, or who want to make some changes that feel important to their heart and soul, who need prompts to get their groove on, who want to succeed, try something different, who wish to make changes, who want to be seen, and ultimately, who want to celebrate themselves and each other,

in this global grouping of fabulousness! Is this you?

It’s a party, a ritual, a celebration, an impetus for dancing, a time for reflection, an acknowledgement for desiring big.

What do I do for you?

I am your movement motivator, your guide to find your riches, dreams, and desires, to come alive with passion and fruitfulness.

I want to guide you to move it, to be it, to shake it, to see it, to write it, to hear it, to awaken the senses, to feel your curvaceous feminine body as it sways and shimmies, to share in the wonders, to wander, and to BE, today, right now.

Can be so simple, or as complex as you need it to be. This gathering, let’s expand with happiness, and love.

Join me, join us, to get your body moving, your words flowing, you smile growing, your life living. I want to share you, to share me, to be a part of this great big world!

Click here to join our private group

It’s a free thing, a group on facebook, but so much more. Just click here and ask to join us and I will invite you in. Is that what you desire? Time for yourself? To catch up with yourself?

Allow and do this!

So much more to share, I share in inspiring daily prompts, group chats, soulful meditations, ideas, magical guests with words of encouragement and wisdom, a place to hangout, to participate (no lurkers please!), and meet your global tribe.

Click here…tell me what you desire, what you want, who you are, and how you feel!

Join me, and our online private group of like-minded women around the globe in our Dance and Desire group, where we gather, share, listen, write, dance, and gain clarity about feeling great in our bodies and our hearts. You. First. With love and celebration. It’s a party for yourself! Crack open the fizzies, and do this for yourself!

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