Barcelona, take one

yes, I have been neglectful to post this past week, but it was a luxury in a weird way to not have internet access easily available while I was in Spain! I was not on the computer for five days! wow, that is a first in a loooong time…

but now I have some photos from Barcelona, to get me linked back up with my blog!

Here we are, Dulcinea, Gina, and me, with two beautiful women from Hydrus Tribal Fusion, a troupe in Barcelona

and we taught four workshops, all very engaging and fun, one was a class on using african fans and baskets. We came up with an invigorating set of combos and the gals had a blast putting the moves and props together into a line dance.

Here are the girls from Zaghareet tribal, Barcelona

We had a fun show Friday night, with a lovely mix of dance styles, jazzy kathak, wild sufi, Gypsy Caravan tribal, and a bit more.

Much more to come!

We all took soooo many photos, of food and wine, and dancers, and buidlings, oh my…

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