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Wow, I received some personal and thoughtful answers for my question, “What you love about tribal bellydance, and why”…

Thank you all for taking the time to write your thoughts to me and participating! It means so much to me to read your words. Here are the writings—they are so worth reading over and over again:


Michaela writes:

When I first saw Tribal Bellydance, it was a video, but it touched me so deep that I couldn’t stop thinking about it and went looking for classes in my area. I found a newly formed tribe and without an idea of what is waiting for me, only with this deep feeling of connection to something older, wiser and better than me – I joined them. I look back now and see what it was, that connection. Lessons learned in the tribe started to seep into my everyday life. Checking the posture, being graceful, eating healthier, being more aware of other people around me, thinking of myself as self – confident, proud and strong woman … all of it happened while dancing, and then, gradually, changed me to that older, wiser and better version of myself. That is why I love Tribal.


MariJahne writes:

Why do I LOVE ATS? the Look and the wide variety of costuming available, The “friendlyiness” of said costuming. the Music and the endless possibilities of interpretation. The unspoken language and communication that makes it possible to dance whenever with a single sister or a multitude of sisters.The bonding that language creates with a group/tribe/troupe. We learn to open our minds and give ourselves over to the direction and leadership of another and to step up and become a leader that can be trusted.
It is mentally challenging…one must always be thinking and aware, watching and interpreting, remembering and Learning. It keeps my mind active and as I get older it is important to not allow stagnation to set in. It keeps my body active. It keeps my creative self active. It works both right and left brain.
There is not more thrilling and satisfying experience than the merging of one group of dancers with another and to be able to dance in unison at any given moment to any given drum beat or sound. If our entire world population could be as easily merged and focus, as ATS dancers do, to accomplish one task ( dance in our case) then we might reach the next step in the spiritual evalution of human kind.
I love ATS because it represents everything I desire, expresses everything I feel, and honors the mind the body and the spirit in ways that words cannot completely express.


Fonda writes:

I was first drawn to tribal when I saw a Domba performance right from the start the costumes got my attention, once I discovered it was improv I began a quest to get a teacher in Tucson. A few months later we had a weekly class and I have been addicted from that first class.
I love the beauty of the dance and most of all the fun way we always play and communicate when we dance together. Over the years I have ended up dancing with many people at random in my travels and I never stop learning and laughing. I have met some of the best people in my life through Tribal dance. I love the benefits to my body, my mind and my soul!!! THANK YOU Paulette for being a pioneer!!


Janet says:

Although I am a newbie I thought I’d share anyways. I first got interested in bellydance when I was looking for a way to embrace my femininity. I found a video online of beautiful dancers dressed “earthy” instead of cabaret, I was in love! The movments were so beautiful & it was more moving than anything I have ever seen. I knew that I wanted to be a part of that. I researched & found out about it being improv, I was beyond impressed. I love the “sisterhood” it creates & the feeling of “oneness” with others no matter what race, religion or size we are. I have closer feeling my “self” as well as with nature & time itself. The costuming is so fun & diverse, I love seeing everyones unique styles. In Tribal Style Belly Dance… I have found my “happy place”.


And Brenda adds:

“Once they were particles of light, now they are the Sun”…. Rumi
“The world is hungry for community”…. Paulette Rees-Denis

Tribal Bellydance, for me, satisfies my yearning for ‘communion’ (for want of a better word). Yes, I love the rich aesthetic of the gorgeous costuming, the earthy music and moves, so evocative of ancient cultures where dance celebrations were integral to daily life. That is a large part of the attraction for sure but the most satisfying element for me is this….

When we join together in the dance and share our beauty, we enhance each other. Our individual brilliance, united, creates a dazzling wonderment. Without words and with only the common language and rhythm of the dance, we are free to rest in our natural flow and, if you are really open to it, ecstasy. It is very seductive, it is joyful, it is freeing and it satisfies a very basic human need, to feel a part of something greater than oneself…



How beautiful to see how our dances us so differently, so deeply, and yet, so much the same.

and now….zurna wail…..drum roll….

the winner is………..


may you all dance with passion and love!

and watch for next month’s Book Giveaway question!


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