the monthly enewsletter is coming!

I have just finished up the June issue, and it is chock full of good bellydance stuff, writings from you, photos of our journeys, dance and dance on…
Sometimes, it is hard to stop writing for it, but I realize it cannot be too long, and when you write me back, it is such a reward, that I have touched a nerve, or your soul, or your heart, or your hip!
so get ready for the June issue of Caravan Trails, Tribal Travels with Gypsy Caravan.
It has been a fabulous journey since 1991, and it is not going to stop yet. I am always amazed at where I’ve landed, and what I have been able to do with this dance, and who I’ve met, and to dream about where I am going next. I am eternally grateful for my life’s work.

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Here are some more photos from our last trips.


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