Breitenbush coming up!

Oh, yes, I am dreaming of soaking in a hot tub! and will be doing that tomorrow….

packing up for our annual Tribal Vision weekend at the hot springs, this is our 16th year, do you believe it?

many new faces, and many returning dancers, I can’t wait to see them all. And dancing with Lynea and Amel, my lovely and wise dancing friends, along with my troupe mate, Carol, and fifty women dancing, can you imagine? We’ll be doing hours of tribal and african and algerian dances, and journaling, and singing, and yoga, oh my….add some chocolate, saunas, and someone cooking for me great vegetarian food all weekend long, and  no doing the dishes, yea, sounds a bit like heaven to me!

and on top of that as soon as I get back, Dulcinea, Gina, and I are off to Barcelona Spain to perform and teach all next weekend. I hope to get some good photos to share with you form both weekend… meanwhile check out our new postcard, wow, my fab gal Mary (Working Web Solutions)  did a great job!

although I’m nost sure why I can’at get the whole postcard to show up… need to do some checking!

have a great weekend, and I’ll think of you…

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