Farmgirrrl Divas gathering in April

Yes, farmgirrrls, we met again!

Another full afternoon of food, drink, some knitting, and disasterous cheese making! Although we tasted some great cheeses. We tried a vegan almond cheese that I made that was quite good, along with another local yummy mild white cheese. Laurita, our local culture queen, brought some villi, a cultured milk that she makes. Our big hoo-ha was trying to make 30 minute mozzarella from Ricki Carroll’s fabulous cheesemaking book. Well, we sure did laugh when the experiment went awry….

But we had a blast, dug into artichoke dip, thai peanut soup, the biggest head of ralsted elephant garlic I have ever seen, and a diversity of great salads. And several new farmgirls join us! Brandy was knitting on an amazing shawl she is planning to wear in her wedding, and a few others dug out their yarns… Everyone needs to wear their aprons next time, and Karen is trying to sew some fab knickers 🙂

Nexst month we will try that mozzarella recipe again next month, it must work!

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