Breitenbush Tribal Bellydance retreat, and Connection!

Did you think that I have forgotten about you? I miss my writing and my blog posting. This dancing life does tend to take up more time than I would like, but I”m not sure that I would change that!

Sometimes it is hard to be me, crazy and with ideas spilling out of my heart for you. Ever get that feeling, that you love what you do, and you just want to do more and are so thrilled with your life and your work and your loves, and it is hard to stop because you have to do all the other things that are required, like work, and eating, and cleaning the house. Well, that is where I am right now….whew… full on, in the middle of many projects that are so exciting and I can’t wait to finish them up to share them with you, and I could just keep going with this run on sentence and spill it all, but…. Stop!

If I just slow down and focus, I can tell you about our dancing weekend at Breitenbush Hot Springs, outside of Portand last weekend with thirty plus dancers and some great teachers and, and, and…. So I will!

This was my 20th year to teach the Tribal Bellydance Weekend Retreat. Yes, 20 years I’ve been doing this amazing retreat. And that’s why, because every year it is just amazing, life changing, and so full of love and camaraderie.  It has gone through several changes over the years, with an array of different teachers- including Patrice Hawkwood Schanck, Amel Tafsout, Suzee Greely, Samantha Riggs, Lynea Gillen, Zizi Zabaneh, Carol Vance, Sharon Moore and Renee Drellishak, and me, of course! We have had longer weekends with a more intense dance focus for more advanced dancers. We combine many dances and cultures, such as Bhangra, Flamenco Fusion, Yoga, Modern, tried and true tribal with its innovations, along with stories of Mythology, some amazing trance and healing dancing, thoughtful journaling, and emotional and lively conversations. The dancers have opportunities to network, to share and listen to each other’s journeys, to walk in the woods or the labyrinth, to have 3 huge veggies meals a day, with time for hottubbing and sauna, massages, and maybe even a nap.

And every year the dancers say they can’t wait for next year, let’s do it again! And many of them do return, and have been joining me at this retreat for almost the whole 20 years. And there are always new women who join in too, and become hooked on our dance in all of its shapes.

What is it about this type of weekend that we all crave, we NEED, in our lives? The ability to get away from our home lives, our loved ones, our jobs. The time to spend with our gal friends, like a big slumber party. The connections.

It always comes down to the connections…

That is the big buzz word these days… and so important. That we are here to be connected. To each other, to ourselves. That is the reason. What do you think?

Tribal bellydance is all about the connection, isn’t it? As it is a group, or community-based dance, not to be done solo. Although dancing by yourself can be powerful, healing, fun, and a good workout. But in Tribal, it is through the connection with each other that we create art, we make magic, with our bodies, hearts, and souls.

Is that why everyone really wants to return to Breitenbush for our retreat? Yes it is a weekend of connections, magic, time for ourselves and each other. And how can  we create that in our everyday lives?

Ok, you tell me how you can or do make make this kind of space in your lives… how can you have this experience of magic and connection in your work-a-day world? I know it can be done….

As I carry on with my life and my projects, just finishing up many ideas that will tie up into one big offering to you this summer,  I am going to share some photos from the weekend….

Enjoy and think about that connection thing, and why you dance, and why you do what you do!

Thanks for being here, and don’t forget to pass this post on….

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