Dance To Word, and start your gathering….

In the midst of another amazing round of Teacher Training Level One, and Collective Soul Levels One and Two here in Portland, not only am I on my own home turf this time, but I get to share the beautiful city of Portland with these traveling dancers! And it has been an immaculately gorgeous spring here, with everything blooming and unfashionably hot and sunny!

I wrote the other day a bit about our Breitenbush Dancing Retreat, and asked you about how to have that kind of experience at home… you know, the self care, relaxing, slumber party kind of feeling when you hang out with your gal pals for a weekend. Read that here….


It is about the connection, all about the connection, between all parts of the self, and with your community…because we crave it and need it as humans, right?

So how do you get that at home?

What if you started a gathering? A group of like-minded folks, to meet once a month or so, and it could be anything that has your interests…like a master-mind group, or an accountability group, or…. what would you like? a book club, a dance club, a soup night, a pampering group, an art hop, a meditation group, a fitness night,  a volunteer activity group, something that feeds your soul, your body, and your mind… to share with others and learn about too…

I belong to a Mastermind Group for my business ventures, I play guitar weekly with some friends, and I belong to a girl group for my glamping escapades…. all great stuff for  me….

How does that sound for you? Can you do it? Take action and go get what you need and want. Make a list of the things you would like to have more of in your life, and prioritize and talk to  you peeps to see who would like to  join in. Don’t overwhelm and pick too many things. Just try one or two and see how it feels…

Let me know! Share this blog, and comment back to me…


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