Clarity and Desire

Clarity and Desire

understand the why of the want

Don’t you love it when something just comes into sharp focus? Something you’ve been trying to see or find or understand, and then, bingo, clarity! Sometimes you want to smack yourself upside the head, saying, why did I not see that?

Really though, things—ideas, dreams, projects, whatever—sharpen up when you are ready for them, when you have the space to see clearly, when you make time and space, when you remove obstacles in your path, when it is the right time. When you allow it. And desire it. Do you agree?

There is that word again…desire!

What feelings come up for you when you hear that word?

Desire. Want. Need. Dream. Pleasure. Lust. Create. Move. Freedom. Feel. Soul-longing. Heart-busting. Magic.

As I move through my day, my  week, I long for clarity, I desire clarity. I desire to overcome the obstacles that sometimes fall in my path, that stop me. Sometimes I put those obstacles there. You know…like roadblocks to clarity. Sometimes they just happen.

To get through those obstacles, to get your momentum, you have to start. Sounds easy but that can be the hardest part. You have to push through those roadblocks. I find that often, once I have pushed through, the going is easy. It’s just that first step. Movement. Then you gain clarity. Then you can see what needs and wants to happen. I remember learning how to rappell down cliffs (no, I don’t do that anymore!). Stepping backwards off the ledge is the scariest part, the hardest step to take. But once over the edge, connected in all the ropes and gear, safe, going down was much easier. Allowing the momentum to take you there, to the final place. Just have to take that first step. And usually once you do, you realize it was not so hard after all, it just felt HUGE when you were starting.

For sure there are other steps on the road to getting things done…(great book by David Allen, by the way!) You may need to do some coaching, journaling, calendaring, dreaming, mapping, moving the body, releasing, desiring. to get clear on what you want to do. Next. Do you know?

Desiring. Knowing what you really want. And why...knowing why is the biggie. When you understand the why of the want, clarity and momentum can happen… Then you create your magic!

Ah, the magic of life!

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