Collective Soul Level One and Teacher Training Level One Graduates

Alrighty then,

Back from Philly after four wonderful workshops with our lovely sponsor Vikki, and two 3-day intensives! Those girls know how to work it, and me!

CJ Callaghan- PA

Susan Ricciardi- PA

Laura Wilson- DE

Rose “Roma” MacGregor- MA

Shannon Bishop-PA

And when that was done, we went right into Teacher Training Level One!

Congrats to those ladies who worked so hard to acquire teaching skills, how proud I am of you all!

Bonnie Reese- PA

Chrtianne Truelove- PA

Rose “Roma” MacGregor- MA

Jaz parilo- PA

Susan Ricciardi- PA

Also, all of you CS graduates, I have finally updated the website to list all of you, so please check and make sure you are on that ever-growing fabulous list of CS dancers!!!

Collective Soul graduates

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