One More Thing

Greetings from Huntingdon Valley, PA! What a lovely area of the country this is outside of Philadephia!

I have just finished up three days of Collective Soul Level One Certification—congratulations goes out to Roma, Susan, CJ, Laura, and Shannon, who came here together to dance and study hard with me, took the test and passed yesterday! Getting down to the basics, again, or in a new way, these women took the course to get to the roots of their tribal bellydance, to give themselves the time to better themselves as dancers and as artists. And to be a part of the growing worldwide community!

Today I start the next course of the three day intensive Teacher Training Level One, here, with five women who have been certified in CS1. And I also will teach four workshops over the weekend for a variety of tribal bellydancers! So looking forward to it. More on this, with photos, when I get back home next week!

**But one of the things that came up in our many discussions about dance and about life, is the state of the world, a common topic of conversation in my life these days. With frustration at how many people still do not pay attention to recycling, reusing, and taking care of the earth, I try to do my part on a daily basis. WE can all do a little to help, and every little bit does help, but it is not enough.

I thought, One more thing.

We can all do one more thing. Whether it be helping our neighbor recycle, or not using weed killer on our lawn, or…..

So the Collective Soul dancers and I decided to start here, on this blog, every Monday to write in with what one more thing the can do or have done that week to help educate the public or what they have done in their own world. And I want you to participate!

Beautiful Rima suggests never buying a plastic bottle of water again. Get your refillable bottle and use it, or go thirsty that moment. I think that is a brilliant way to start!

Let’s hear it, starting this Monday…What one more thing can you do?

Bring it on, and remember, it all counts.


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