Collective Soul Level Three has begun…

We are onto day two of our three day CS3 tribal dance intensive certification program! Hilary from Arizona and Amanda from Wisconsin are in town, and we are joined by my own dancers, Carol and Karen. A hard-dancing bunch for sure….

We started yesterday with brunch on my farm, with a lively discussion about tribal and the evoution. I am noticing more and more that there is a segregation happening in the tribal dance world, people are taking sides, or teams, or something. Isn’t’ the idea of tribal bellydance  to dance together, to celebrate life, to support each other, and to be happy and healthy in our bodies?

I think it is great to focus on the style that speaks to you, but not to discredit another style, or be afraid of another style, or not to evolve as a dancer, which does mean to study a lot of approaches to the dance, to know how to be a better dancer yourself. I wish for noone to  stagnate in one area, or not to experience the joy of dance and what the dance world has to offer! I want to dance with everyone, no matter what language of tribal they major in. But art is provacative, after all, and I would rather have strong opinions, than none, which has gotten me into trouble before! 🙂

These gals are the first to be certified in Level Three (outside of my own dancers) and I am proud, and honored that they have chosen to go after what they want, they have taken action to acheive their dreams and goals.

Action is eloquence. William Shakespeare

They are dedicated and commited to their own dance, and my job is to make them even better dancers. We focus on technique, learning more moves to add to their growing and exciting repetoire of moves,  and their execution and transitions between them. We work on how to be more confident as a dancer, listen to how the music asks us to move, and how to be a stronger a leader and follower in this improvisational language. If you can improv, you can do anything, in dance, and in life! That’s what I say.

So, enjoy your Saturday, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

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