One More Thing–a thought just for you today

My One More Thing idea today is not about helping someone else out, or doing that extra something for the earth that we are trying to keep happy. It is about you.

Sometimes, do you ever feel that you can’t do that one more thing? You are tired, cranky, overloaded, whatever. Well, how about you do one more thing just for yourself! Taking care of ourselves will help us do that thing we want or need to accomplish, that thing that will ultimately make us feel better. How often do you put yourself and your personal needs on the back burner?

I had a phone call today from a woman with several children who just wanted to get to a dance class and do something for herself.  How hard it can sometimes be to just get out the door to go after what you desire. But when you do take that time to do it, you feel so much better. Yes? And then you can do that other “thing” you need or want to do. And then you feel even more fabulous and remarkable!

I have a hard time with this myself, always busy, always trying to get my projects done, because I love what I do! But we all need that down time. so…

So, what can you do that will make you feel better? Take a bubble bath with candles lit, read a book, do some spinning, journal, take a walk, take yourself out to dinner, go to that dance class?

Here is a site I found today because of my internet friend, Laura Neff, (More In You) who always has such wonderful words of advice.

Tut’s adventurers club

Mike Dooley is the founder and writer and adventurer of this site.  Notes from the Universe offers insightful words, that maybe you need to hear today. Or just a little push to keep you on your path. He writings touched me, so I wanted to share his site with you.

When he was searching for what he needed and wanted to do to keep going, one of the things he wrote, “I’d keep doing the one thing that filled me with the greatest sense of accomplishment and purpose-write about the truths I most needed to embrace to change my life.”

Check him out if you have time, but take time for yourself now! I am, just as soon as I get this posted…

Be fantabulous!

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