Connections and the knowing..

Dance & Desire

Connections and the knowing…


Do you know when you have found a soulmate of sorts? Not necessarily a lover, but someone you have a strong connection with, maybe even before you meet her or him? Sometimes from an action they have done, or a photo you saw of them? You just KNOW you have to meet this person, you were meant to fall in love, or you were meant to work together,  you just knew  that there was some strong pull, your gut instinct was saying, go, meet them, do it! Connect!

And how about when you are doing the work you were meant to do? Have you followed your heart and your intuition to what you desire? To what your purpose here on this earth is? How do you know?

To be in alignment with your desires, to trust yourself with full force, with feel that positive giddy feeling inside like you are bubbling over with what you KNOW is right, is true, is now…

That’s what I’m talking about.

I have had such good times and opportunities to work with amazing people, to love, to learn from, to teach to, and to co-teach with. A plethora of incredibleness. A journey of deep love and soul connections. I have been true to my desires and beliefs.

The few times that I wasn’t true to myself, I could feel the fall. The times I gave in for the less than, the not quite right, the times I settled for not what I wanted… I could feel that dusty taste in my mouth, the heart shutting down or building walls, even my purse not being filled. So not good. Not a feeling I want in my life, in my body, in my heart. Dripping with ick… You know that feeling?

My body lets me know, my belly lets me know, my gut, my soul, my skin…when things aren’t right. And when they are! I dance to find my truth because my body does not lie. I move and sway to release, to let go, in order to go in and trust, and find my answers. Awareness. Whether in the stillness or the dance, I connect with my whole being that way.

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My work with you is about that. Finding the love and the joy within. Expressing, healing, releasing, enjoying, celebrating, sharing, with gratitude and forgiveness. For pleasure. And dancing because it feels great! Gotta move…listen, ask, connect… love that word, connection. What does that word mean to you?

Along comes Elena!

elena lipson

Last year I had one of those connections, again. This time I saw her photo, we were in school together, I read what she wrote, and I knew I needed to connect with her. She was offering a free consult on the phone so I made an appointment and called her. We spoke, we laughed, she asked me her questions, I answered, then I asked her some questions. We both knew we needed to work together. I went after that feeling I had. Sometimes that can be a scary thing to do, to step it up, instead of placing obstacles in your path. What stops you from going after it? Do you know? I’ve self-sabotaged myself enough to never want to do that again.

So go after what you want!

I pursued that feeling. I knew what I wanted and believed in the power of that connection, and what she had to offer to my work. Invitation to teach with me was just a phone call away. Yes!  She co-taught with me at my 21st annual women’s retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs (look for us again next April!) and new how important, how magical, and how powerful our work together was. On fire with the momentum…

And we are doing it again…

Imagine combining dance with passion, journaling with desires, a retreat for some self-care and connection with self and others in a magical circle! How thrilled and delighted I am for our upcoming workshop in Washington this fall, more on that below…


The point though, is that I went after a feeling, a desire, I wanted to know this person, I wanted to work with her because I felt that connection in my belly and heart and soul. I knew our work together would break some ground, and that it was needed and wanted by many women who desire to dig in, take some time for themselves, and celebrate. I don’t think we celebrate ourselves enough, and I don’t mean that in a hedonistic overindulgent kind of way.

I mean, just saying, “Wow, I am truly beautiful and I am meant to be here on this planet , to take up space, and do great work and meet great folk and spread the love!”

And I spread the love to you, I am grateful you are here on this journey with me, and I desire for you to follow your heart and soul too.

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Dance, Desire, and Divine Self-Care

a magical woman’s retreat with Elena Lipson and Paulette Rees-Denis

Save the date! Coming November 7th-8th, Kent, WA

Delicious details to follow…

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Our gathering place of a like-minded tribe for women only, of women who want to dance with life, move and share, who need support, who wish to dive in, who want to shine, to desire to honor their bodies, who want to be accepted as they are, or who want to make some changes that feel important to their heart and soul, who want prompts to get their groove on, who want to succeed, try something different, who wish to make changes, who want to be seen, and ultimately, who want to celebrate themselves and each other, in this global grouping of fabulousness!

It’s a place for a party, a ritual, a celebration, an impetus for dancing, a time for reflection, an acknowledgement for desiring big.

Love to share this with you…Join the global connection and conversation, here!

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