Consumed in the flames of creation

Consumed in the flames of creation

and beauty


For so many years (perhaps about twenty), I was consumed with my art, finding my voice, my dance, our dance, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ®. In the making. Creating it, experimenting with it, studying other dances, dancers, and philosophies. Developing the concepts, with inspiration from the ancient dances and rituals and traditions. With the idea of communal living and creating. And of being in the moment, creating. Connecting.

Consumed in these flames of creation.

I was on fire. 24/7 and loving it.

Loved what I was building, even in my naivete.

The dance, the troupes, the music, the dance studio, the business, the busy-ness, the festival, the traveling workshops, the constant gigs–different than the normal style of bellydance gigs, the growing global community.

People wanting more.


Being in demand.

Keep going, treadmill.



And loving being in demand, even though I wasn’t sure what that meant or what it entailed.

My triple fire signs were raging.

I could see it, feel it, taste it, hear it, dream it. Inside out.

Fired up.

Ego ablaze.

Love sharing.



Breakups and breakdowns.

I was on stage.

All. The. Time.


Burned up and spit out of the flames.


My burn, quickly.

My doing.

Project another ten years. So much more inbetween. Many tales. The lessons. From depression to exaltation. From hibernation to gloryseeking. From ego to selfless abandon. Running away to becoming. To letting go.

It has been a journey. A journey in finding self and balance and connection. In the creating from my heart and soul. And being able to continue on. Studying more. Learning how to share and guide and really understand what I have created for my life. And what my purpose it, and how that has changed.

Age. Wisdom. Experiences. Desires.

Continuous, exciting development, of the dance, and the business. The spirit, the heart. And the art. Glorious. With mistakes and a-ha moments for sure. No doubt.

New momentum. Incredible creation. Full of richness and beauty. Fruition. And always change. And coming back with the desire and the love. The desire to pass it on. Different but powerful. Beauty.

Now only about ½ of my life is consumed with the dance! How I have chosen it to be. Rounding out my life, striving for that balance. And thriving in it. It is not easy. Has not been easy. I can berate myself far better than anyone else! ha…

To find the way to continue on, to share what I have learned and developed, so that you too, can thrive in your art. I am ecstatic by all my new programs and the new ways to share what I have with you, without burning myself out again. And to share that too, with you. The ways to live and love and dance.

For years I created and shared the dance. In a different way, now, I get to spend my time guiding you in creating your dance, in sharing in our big incredible picture. To blossom in your glory. Your body. Your soul. To live your way. And build your visions Stories to share, tales to tell, lessons learned, hearts open wide.

Slowing down to listen. I feel so honored to be called up on in this way. I am grateful for the opportunities this newness has opened up for me. To be able to dive in and find my way, again.

For you. Too. Dance and Desire.

Here is to us, and dancing through life, together!
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