Crazy burn out to vibrant creative self!

How does one move from crazy burn out to vibrant creative self again?


I’ve done that a few times! Oh my… I do believe I have learned the lessons well by now.

Have you experienced this for yourself?

I have tried to run away from my life a few times over the years of adulthood. I know that I am a super firey creative soul and I love to share and put stuff out to the world. From my super early days of dance and music recitals growing up, to exhibiting my photography in national galleries and books  writing articles for many magazines, and being in rock-type bands in my 20’s, always some sort of performance. There is something within me that used to love being on stage and sharing the love-whatever that medium was at that moment! From the music/drug scene, to the art/gallery/agent scene, and a left turn into the healing/psychic/magic circles, and full circle back to the creative dance and performance teaching world, I have always directed and lived a full and adventurous life. And always wanted to share it with others. Connection.

I am the creator of my reality; of course, we all are.

But I have led myself into creative burnout numerous times (as I wrote about in my blog the other day), just taking on too much, not saying no, being in demand, trying to survive and pay the rent, and have a great time. Work hard/play hard, is what I used to say. How does one stop? And not hurt someone else in the process? Oooohh, such responsibility.

Sometimes the mind says take a break. Sometimes the body stops and you have to lie down. You get sick. Sometimes you run away because you don’t know what else to do. You feel like you have lost yourself, and your soul.

I’ve done all that at times. Some more dramatic than others. And I always found my way back. Always coming back to home. My soul and heart and body. Diving into what I truly have needed to regain my footing, to start living  and creating, writing, dancing, again. To better be in my life’s purpose. It is good to step back, take a break, reignite, refuel. But better to do before the burnout…and  allow yourself to move forward to develop your creative habit and practice (more on that later).

What do I know?

I know what I need, what I want. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure it out. Often we need to walk down a different street. Sometimes it circles back. But we all just step forward, to take part in our lives, with an open heart, maybe one foot at a time, maybe diving head on. Getting honest.

I know what I love. I know what I have created.I know that I am damn good at guiding you, now, to live your life to its fullest. to dance, to find your creative calling, to write and share.  As I pass on and pass down the tools, the dance, the words—nothing gives me greater pleasure. Through years of experience, creation, growing wiser with each year, and with each delightful encounter with myself, and with you. Finding what you need and desire from me. Fulfillment to the fullest.

As I move on now, with greater self-awareness, with the yes’s and the no’s, caring first for me, with deeper desires, to live this sensual, beautiful life. Blessed be.

Why do I tell you this?

I realized back then that so much of what I was doing as an artist and a creative entrepreneur was costing me my personal life. I want to be in charge of my life, not have my job/career/passion be in charge of me! I share parts of my story with you, my life. Some of you have followed me for years. Some of you I have just met. Many of you desire to have that dream of being an artist, a dancer, a teacher. To live the creative life. And it can be a glorious life. And you can do it. I desire that for you, to live your passions, your dreams, to be the creative soul you are. I help you with that, in my courses. To be the best dancer  (whether you dance as a career or dance for fun) as well as a whole and healthy, vibrant being, connected with yourself, so that you can connect with others too. To live your purpose too. I guide you into those feel-good places, with soul-connecting methods and creative ideas for you to do this.

Self-care at it’s deepest, lovey. Oh yes.

What have I done? To facilitate healing and gather up my creative mojo?

Sit down. Stop.

Writing has always been my salvation. From journaling the morning pages (a la Julia Cameron thank you very much) to articles and pages and questions and answers. This brings clarity.

Letting go of the past. No reason to hang on to it, otherwise I just continue to live with it.  Living in the present. No blame. No excuses. Peace. Love.

Get into alignment, with myself, my spirit, the universe. Talk with source. Spirit guides. Angels. Meditate, Listen. Pray. Open up to receive.

Trust in myself. Desires. What I truly desire and need and want. Listen.

Acknowledge and move on.

Find delight. Wonder. Wander. Walk in nature. Awe, glory, and gratitude.

Move that body. Again. More. Feel it. Love it. Make it shine.

Learn. Study. Read.

Rest. True self-care.

Get help. Therapists. Psychic guides. Talk. Friends. Support team. Tarot readers. Mastermind groups. Ask.

Participate in life. Charge forward with gusto and love. Bring back the sparkle.

Experiment. Experience.

Know that I have a choice. I choose.

Keep resting. Slow down. Take time. Discipline the self-care and self-love.

Stay vulnerable.

Bring on the laughter and the fun!


Continue to let go. Allow.

Body-love and compassion–vegetarian, gluten-free, juice it up, volunteer. Walk my talk. Give back.

Dance and sing.

Define my values.

Love what I do. Own it. Acknowledge again. And love some more.


Writing that is like remaking my manifestos that I have written over the years.(Read here) Love that process. Some of those steps have been easy. Some, hard. Some really freakin hard. Being vulnerable is not easy, especially when I am in a globally connected world. In front of lots of souls. Sharing is what I do. Questing is what I love. Being in true alignment feels just so right. And fucking great. Teaching is what I do best. Dancing is my passion, in so many shapes and styles. I love that. I have loved my job and hated it at times. That is when it is time to recheck, recharge, refuel. Downtime, personal time, fun time, lover time, quiet time, big time…is all so necessary and glorious. I love my life. And I want to continue to do so.

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