Creative Calling, and what is rocking my Friday world!


the wondrous beauty of all life’s creatures! just a photo to share…makes me smile…


Processes and processing… those things are big in my life these days!

I am learning lots of new processes, mostly internet work and lots of new apps, editing, filming, recording, and putting all my dance work onto paper and into the new online classes…love the work, but sometimes the learning curve is a bit much… know what I mean?

And then the processing, besides my own internal work, that is…ha!

But I am so excited about all of this new stuff, I know I’ve been telling you about it for while…

The Tribal Bliss #2 class that is starting next week–

Weaving with the Power of your

Creative Feminine Essence

Tribal Bliss logo-smaller

Lynea (my co-partner in dance and trance!)  and I have been doing this work for so many years, experimenting, dancing, healing work with our classes and retreats and clients…

You can register now!

How does this translate into an online class? Weeeellll, it definitely is not the same as a studio full of dancing women. But we looked at our class structures and how we could give it to you so you can enjoy it at home, and wanting you to get enough good juju out of it on your own.

And I believe we did it…even though there is that process of insecurity, questioning, wanting to make it the best thing in the universe!

It’s like a creative calling…a muse of sorts, when I am in that creative space… allowing the magic to flow out of me, whether it be through my body, out my fingers into my journal, playing my guitar…I love that space, where nothing else matters…and an urge that I have to follow, and follow through with…whew…and then comes the fine tuning… do you feel your muse? Do you allow yourself to feel your creative essence? hhmmm…

Another process I go through, on how to make the classes better and better, and then add the powerful link up the online community to share with each other, that’s a big part of it, and it freakin’ rocks! How great is that? When we all get to hear your voices, your experiences and journeys, and even your experiments, while you combine writing, with meditation, with dance, with yoga, with all the trancey and sacred goodness that we infuse into the classes. I so love this work and so love to see your lightness and healing and joy from the processes. When you actually do make time for yourself…AND to read your words… my passion these days…

Anyways….I wanted to share a little about what I think about whilst making these class formats for you…

AND…because it is Friday, I also wanted to share some things that are rocking my world this week….


*my sweet friend Rene Groom’s Blog..a simple and real bit of writing, from someone whose eyes are wide open and life is lived fully…

*How about a  little Brave Girls Club?

*and this is pretty freakin amazing work too!

The Front Porch Revolution!

ok my sweet thangs!

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your beautiful selves, and do take care of your self… dance, sing, play, love….all the time….

thanks for being here! and hope to see you online!



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