Let us help you get your Tribal Bliss on! oh yeah…

What do you do when you feel stuck in your body, your and, your work, life, whatever?

Do you move???? As in, dance, workout, yoga, walk, bicycle, sweat?

For me, it is easy to forget to get up out of my chair when I’m on a work burn, but I try every hour to get up, take the dogs for a walk, stretch, breathe, garden, sit still in a different position, what is it that I need right then…. It can be so easy to plug along, right through, until I realize my neck hurts, or my head hurts, or I’m hungry, or  or or….Know what I mean? Do you do that too?

What do you do for yourself  to find that inner quiet, peace, fun for yourself? Do you? Take time for your whole self? For clarity, spiritual renewal, enjoyment, bliss, loosening up, healing? There is a plethora of tools to use for any of those, but do you DO IT?

For yourself? Do you?

I can be as guilty as the next person, saying things like, I’ll do it later, or, just a little bit longer, or, tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow… Ha!

But then you know how good it feels, to feel good! Whoa… yes sirree, it surely does. So why don’t we do the things that feel good?

I move, I dance, I sing, I write, I try to take quiet time to meditate, either sitting, lying down, or my fav is moving meditation… it’s is the best of all my worlds! And in my world of dance, this has now become Tribal Trance…using the dance, our bodies, our souls, and our connections to release, heal, and feel freaking fabulous!

What would you do???? To move, to feel great, to search, to stretch?

So do it…

That is why Lynea and I have been teaching our Tribal Trance classes in Portland, and at our yearly Tribal Dance, Tribal Vision retreat at a hot springs in the glorious mountains outside of Portland every spring. We combine her yoga and African dance, meditations, and wise teachings with my variations on moving meditations, yummy feel good dance, physical  workouts, insightful writing, and tribal bellydance. Yep, that’s our Tribal Bliss classes… which now are online for you! woo hoo… out of our studio and into yours!

Want to do something delicious for yourself… take some time to dive in and only for you right now….

Well, Tribal Bliss Round #2 starts this Monday, September 9th! You can register now… Let us help you get your bliss on!

Weaving with the Power of your Creative Feminine Essence

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I do hope you can join us! Do something splendid for your sweet self!


And now because it is Friday… what is rocking my world!

**Meet Scott and Live Your Legend!



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** and this is a great attitude, don’t you think???

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ok, my friends….

lots coming up in the Gypsy Caravan world…so hang on  to your hats… join us on the Tribal road…so glad you are here….

I”m off to Vegas to teach at the Bellydance Festival there this weekend… I’ll let you know how it goes…never been to Vegas!


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