Dance and Desire…and what’s ahead!

Dance and Desire…and what’s behind and ahead!

Happy Solstice to you all…

As the light returns, I take this time to reflect back and look ahead. Always with a strong emphasis on today and this incredible moment…

What a full year, of surprises, changes, passion building, sharing, dance, discovery, music, revamping, coordinating, and me and you! Lots of desires…Old friends, new friends, the tribes grow…

And 2015 promises to be more of the same, yet different, still powerful, evocative, with new focuses, new desires, more words, less traveling for me, future building, daily living, oh yes…

Gypsy Caravan Dance Company continues to build beautiful communities around the globe, featuring our now Registered trademark ® of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® ...that is very exciting for me, after working on that for years—woo hoo, let’s clink our goblets together for a toast! Being proud and owning what one does is quite a stance to take, and sharing that with all of you is awesome, with me first fighting the urge, and now embracing the process and the meaning with a full heart and wide-open arms and shimmying hips! And YOU, my friends are such a HUGE part of that, so I do hope you wear it with pride and joy and reverence, knowing that you helped build it too. A ginormous Thank you to all of you! It takes all of us to create the circle.


The beginning of Dance and Desire,

my passion of combining words and dance, continues to build in strong and new ways. When I hear your words, the words that even you did not know you could write and express, my mind continues to get blown by your love and power and beauty and acknowledgements of how the dance affects your life and you affect the dance…how freakin’ fabulous is that?

Yes, please join us for the first of the year’s workshops in Portland for a weekend of

Dance and Desire,  and The Desire Map

paulette's desire map workshop logo

Are you feeling that you are moving slowly through your days

and need a boost?

Are your dreams not happening the way you thought

you wanted them to unfold?

Ready for some soul searching clarity?

Do you want a weekend of gal time, for you and your desires?

And a little booty shakin’ too?

Join us for a wildhearted, soulful weekend, full of Dance And Desire!

Collective Soul certified

Taking our certification intensives—Collective Soul and Teacher Training— even more global with my incredible Master Teachers in person, and with my now Online courses, has been illuminating, empowering, and truly magnificent.

We Want You! WE want more dancers and teachers to spread our Tribal love… is this you for 2015? Join us…

Check it out here for dates and locations…


The building of the Caravan Project—both the band and the forming groups around the globe—is so near and special in my heart! To watch the global dancers with the kindred spirit join together, even over the miles, is spectacular.

“I’ve had a continuous vision for years, of bringing dancers from around the world together, to dance together, both off and on stage. To meet like-minded folk, who have the Tribal spirit, to share the dance and the heart and soul of what makes each of us live day-to-day.

Read more about that here…

And the band’s music is sooooo inspired…I love all these three new songs, which one is your favorite?


Do you want to become a part of this global dance group? Yes, you can! We are always looking for GCTB dancers to join us!

and if you are a certified Gypsy Caravan teacher, you may be ready to lead on in your area! Email me to have a chat…

We’ve got The Caravan Project Florida, Pac NW, Mexico, UK, Italia, Australia,  and New Zealand happening… You ready?


My troupe, Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, and this dance style, have been happening since 1991…pretty awesome, don’t you think? And yes, we have gone through many changes, several dance members and band mates, all who have been awesome and I am so grateful for, multiple highs and lows, costume and music styles with inspirational variations, filming and recording projects, global travel, celebratory performances. All these changes that make our creating and global artistry, most often fascinating and empowering, sometimes painful and heartbreaking, sometimes personal soul stirring and vision questing, sometimes joyful, and with group inquisition. Even as I initiate some sort of change, it is growing from the same foundation and basis of what our dance is based on, how the dance is danced, and the connections that are built, and the lifestyle that develops on a solo and a global level. It has been nothing short of the most remarkable and soul-felt work, and I don’t see an end to all the possibilities and incredible experiences.


But that brings another chapter to an end. Our beautiful Gina Lee,

who has danced with me since about 2000, is taking her leave of dance to pursue family matters and other passions. With sadness but understanding I know nothing is forever. Gina has been such an integral part of Gypsy Caravan, from the old Caravan Studio days (my dance studio from 2000-2008), to our virtual studio, to traveling the globe with me, to film projects and so much more. Her serious dedication, professionalism, gorgeous soul and heart-felt dance, and that smile, has helped us along our journey. I can only wish her happiness, peace, and love as she continues on her personal path. Another chapter closes.

Gina Lee Gypsy heart       GinaLee

paulette-and-gina-take-the-stag-tf-2009-16 image10995866-C6A9-4C89-A716-5029B8CA79D9 P1010150 4463_1143627319287_3061236_n


Gypsy Caravan Dance Company remains strong and inspired as we continue on with our vision and our projects, with the Portland contingent and the global members, they carry on the legacy as I build and create the next chapter!


There is so much more coming to you… virtual and in person, as myself and my certified teachers continue to pass on the legacy, build the tribes, do what they love with skill and beauty! There are upcoming Tribal Affiliate possibilities coming your way too—I do believe is spreading the love in many ways!


And even the SHOPPING sale that is still on until the end of December! Use the code 25off for some fab tshirts, my Tribal Vision book, and our Tribal Technique DVDs and CDs! Oh yeah…


And I hope you will all be a part of the growing tribe, as we all carry on with vision, creativity, passion, and love, to live the lives we desire!

Let’s continue to pass on the love…

with gratitude and appreciation, love and respect…



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