Taking Tribal Global – Reflect, relax and appreciate


Taking Tribal Global – Reflect, relax and appreciate

Greetings from Deirdre’s Dance Den–

and and great big hello!

This year has been a great dance- hard, learn lots, and enjoy the many new exciting things happening in the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® world! There’s so much to be thankful for and I wanted to shout out my appreciation for many things. At the end of a calendar year there’s a tendency to look forward, make lists for next year, but I want to pause…instead of the to-do list, write ‘What I’ve Done’ list. This is rewarding and sometimes surprising…. try it!

I also want to appreciate. It can be hard to find the moment in this busy season but here’s to YOU;  those that have shared their dance stories and journeys here on this blog, their group and individual stories with me and Gypsy Caravan and this incredible community. Thank you. Please  keep them coming, the community is expanding through workshops, local dance, on-line learning and certifications and workshop certifications, so many discoveries and stories unfolding….. I hope you do share with us. Your story is so valuable to hear!

Big appreciation to Paulette Rees-Denis, whose un-bounding energy and vision for this wonderful, connecting dance for mind, body and spirit nourishes and nurtures. A creative force, teacher  and mentor, and I am proud to be a Master Teacher in this format, and always a continuing student and dancer. Much love and appreciation x

Caravan Project UK Nov 2014
Caravan Project UK Nov 2014 – Deirdre, Catherine, Wendy and Angela

Thank you to all those who come to my weekly classes, to workshops and who dance with me in the room or on stage. For those that worked hard in my first Collective Soul One and Two Certification courses in Glasgow, Scotland this year, you rock! And in November I was proud to be part of the debut performance with the Caravan Project UK, a growing global tribe of women bringing the joy of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® to different regions throughout the world.

And there’s more, both people and happenings. And yes, next year will be fabulous. However for a few moments,  I do pause and appreciate.

I hope to see you on the dance journey and hear from you with your stories.

Thank you, yours in dance


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