Dance and Desire — Gratitude

Dance and Desire — Gratitude

As I get ready for my week, organizing, scheduling, and packing for the upcoming Breitenbush Hot Springs Women’s Dance and Desire Weekend (woo hoo!)… I am also reflecting on my history in the dance. With the Facebook 5 day Dance Challenge, where we are to share photos and higlight people and moments over 5 days, I have been sifting through years of photographs, and feeling immense gratitude for my life!


As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, creativepreneur, whatever you like to call it, a business woman who has built a life with her passion and art, I am blessed. For close to 30 years, I have made this dance, Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® my life’s work. And sharing the dance has been the most amazing journey. Many of you have heard me say, that way back in the beginning, my idealistic view was to unite women of the world with the dance! And remember this was before computers and the internet. Through word of mouth, mega performances and traveling to teaching workshops, and then my instructional Tribal Technque DVDs, our incredible tribal dance musical Cds (with a new one out in 2 weeks!), and a documentary film about Gypsy Caravan (Tribal Travels), the word and the dance spread.

And that vision of mine was taking hold. Excitement filtered through my dance studio and out into the world where others wanted to join the growing community. Little did I know what and how all of this would change the world today—the lives it has changed, the businesses it has grown, the happiness that has spread, and so much more!

From Australia to Mexico to Italy to Japan…

CS2 australia 20141506821_10202322115348966_5287611416962855260_ncaravanItalia 4

Now of course, the internet connects all of us with a blink of the eye and that is freakin’ amazing. And the dancers of the world can now meet virtually or in person, and dance this dance together, joining like minded and like-souled dancers globally. But if anyone would have told me back then, that I would be building a huge successful business, traveling the globe to teach and perform, have these incredible certification courses,work and dance with all of you, beside fulfilling that idealistic vision of uniting the dancers of the world, I would have said, “No way,  I just want to dance!” Well, what do you think? A huge dose of gratitude is being rained down upon all of you, for your trust, support, and most importantly, your desire to dance and spread the love.

As I sort through my history, remembering classes, gigs, workshops, and the thousands of dancers and musicians I have had the opportunity to connect with—either teaching them, studying with them, performing with them, sightseeing with them, and just hanging out with them—a plethora of amazingness, because of the dance, because I have followed my soul purpose of teaching and spreading the tribal love, of guiding others to  fruitful and healthy lifestyle choices, of helping others connect with their passions and dreams.

I am eternally grateful, that you dear reader, have joined me for part of this journey, either through the page or the body. You have touched me, and told me what you wanted and needed in some way, and in some way I hope that I have touched you back!

Those of you who have been with me for years, have seen a multitude of colorful photos and read the stories in my book Tribal Vision: A Celebration Of Life Through Tribal Bellydance.

tribal vision cover

Those of you who are new to  this world of dance, creative guidance and well-being with me, can see photos on my website here,

watch some videos here,

and some video blogs (Vlogs) here,

get my book, here,

and follow the threads on facebook here…

and share your stories too! Enjoy….be inspired, go after your dreams, love you body and your life!

And just to say thank you again, for sharing this journey in some way. Without you there would not be this tribal path, the community we share, the words we read, the stories we hear, the costumes we make and buy and show, the dance we do, and the life we live. The desire to be happy and brimming with ecstasy abounds…

paulette signature




Here are a few more photos over the years of the magnificence of this dance and music…honoring all I have had the opportunity to dance with!

mizna- TQNW 2005Mizna at the Tribal Quest Festival

GCDC at Oregon Country Fair, circa about 1992/93tribal vision0026 bruce and jeff 2 b+w

Jeff and Bruce from the band… amazing music together…

Paulette in AustriaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA denmark, Aust. 2009 workshop


Paulette in Australia

Paulette in Mexico

Paulette in Canada


GC circa about 2007

Jeff, Keith, and Chris at the didg fest…
jeff, keith, chris-didj fest 2011 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

GC and friends at a fav show…

Thanks again…

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