Dance and Desire and Friday Bling…Who Inspires You?

Dance and Desire and Friday Bling…

Who inspires you? Heroes and gods….

momma on the trail

There is a five day Dance Challenge on Facebook and I’ve been pulling up photos from my long dance history! What fun to look back at the many incredible opportunities I have had, the places I’ve performed, who I have had the great fortune to perform alongside, the dancers I have taught and watch grown into the performers, teachers, women they are now…to see how this dance has affected so many lives.

Powerful, evocative, character building, dream chasing, artful, gorgeous, and on and on…

Today, who inspires you? Who rocks your world? Who gives you a skip in our step? Who makes you want to move mountains?

mom, hiking at the park 2015

#1 would be My momma! And I just got to spend a week with her back east.  Inspiration to say the least. She is 88, always with a generous heart, and open arms, the patience of a saint, she still dances 3-5 times a week, plays music, and lives each day to the fullest, embracing life and laughing and loving the whole way. She has always been my rock…

Of course there are many others…. you can go to view the challenge on my Facebook, (and make sure to like me too!)  here….

and you can see more on my Instagram feed too…

Here is a link to a story I wrote back a few about

heroes and gods

I love to revisit this…and think about all who have helped shape me to be the woman I am now. I wrote this around 2005, and would love to write an updated version too. As I keep living and studying and teaching and experiencing the beauty of the world!

*So grab a cuppa and have a read…

Tell me what you think and now I would love to know who rocks your world…share in the comments below…

*** (and if you are so inspired to write a longer piece, email me and we can feature it in our Taking Tribal Global part of the blog! Do it!)

Today’s Bling….

Cross-country skier Janine Shepherd

would love a wristtful of these bangles!

good quotes for you!

The Innerpreneur

Yay Hilary Clinton for President! yes….

Now, you all have a lovely weekend… think about your heroes and let me know!

thanks for being here…


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