Dance and Desire– I Want You!

Dance and Desire– I Want You!

Good Sunday to you my friends…

I thought I would send this out to you today and let you know what I want! This fine Sunday morning I wanted to share my desires with you.

I want more teachers!

Certified Teacher

More Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® certified dance teachers, that is! I want to see more people dancing, and learning from knowledgeable and well-trained teachers who have actually studied with me and my well-trained and certified Master Teachers. I want to see more dancers living their dreams and taking the time for self-study to step up their dance.

Let’s pass on this amazing dance form with clarity and passion!

And here is a little of Gypsy Caravan in action this last week at Tribal Fest..Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 8.38.30 AM.

There is so much depth inside this GCTB styling that we do. It is a lifestyle, not just a dance technique.

What makes it so special? There is the physical dance, of course, the beautiful, sensuous and powerful bellydance moves that make up our format, combining ancient feelings with contemporary concepts. There is femininity, core-building, soft, earthy and magical qualities that are the epitome of our style, whether you want to dance for your self, with a group, or on a stage. Plus the self-challenge of fine tuning the moves.

There is the emotional aspect— healing, releasing, finding the power inside, trusting oneself, ah, just the power of moving your body in that way…feeling your insides moving with the outsides! Opening your heart with that beauty.

And spiritual.. ah, like a prayer, a meditation, a self-actualizing…aligning oneself with oneself and the universe, your god of gods, source, tuning in…

The connection to oneself as well as to the global circle.

Taking time to care and love yourself…

That is what I’m talking about here…not only a dance!

I want to see good teachers teaching this dance, and see students getting what they need, with right on instruction. Funny how in our fast moving world, someone thinks they can take one class and become an expert, or watch a few DVDs and decide they can teach what they just watched. Even some of you have taken a workshop and go home to teach my stuff…Don’t you want to be more than that? Don’t you desire to teach from your heart with skill and integrity?

What do I offer you? And what do you desire?

Lately, as my certification programs have grown and expanded around the globe, I have seen you dancers turning into fine entrepreneurs, taking your dance to that next level, by gathering the business skills as well as the dance technique, theories and the know how to have not just good, but transformative  and successful dance classes!

First there is the process, yes, a commitment…to gather yourself, to take the time, a bit of an intensive study time, for delving into yourself, for your dreams, with journaling, questions, meditations, moving, videotaping, getting honest feedback and critique, as well as joining in with others for conversation and idea sharing. This just feels soooo good!

We all learn from each other. This connection has ripped my heart open with pride and passion, to hear you, sharing what you have to say about your dance, your soul…whoa… amazing.

We start with GCTB Collective Soul…the first step… and this intensive course is for you whether you want to be a teacher or only want to gather your dance skills and dreams… again for digging in, dreaming, desiring, refining, for you…

To honor and celebrate yourself…yes!

Then the next step is GCTB Teacher Training… to get all those skills and ideas, to teach, to run your business, with beauty, because you want to share and give the dance to the next generation of dancers! Pass this dance on with knowledge and fun. You get certified when you finish up…an acknowledgement of your time and commitment.

There is always more! Following that up… more levels! Woo hoo.. Collective Soul and Teacher Training go up to Level Six and Master Teacher Training… There is so much to learn, to share, to pass on, to bring the communities together, to dance in our ever-expanding and exciting circle. Plus the Caravan Project gatherings down the road when you start to bring like -minded dancers together — more on that later)

I want you!

Collective Soul Online, Level One,

Collective Soul certified

starts August 2nd, read more here…

And Teacher Training Level One,

follows that up September 13th… here…

Is this course for you? Ready to join us and go after your desires?

Share the love and the dance?

Have a question, email me at

Now I told you what I want… What do you want? Tell me in the comments!

***On top of that, my home team, Sara,

saraand I  have revamped and  tweaked the

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Affiliate program and is it open and ready for you too…

exciting…Please check it out and sign up now…


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