Dance and Desire and Friday Bling!

Dance and Desire and Friday Bling!

Have you missed me?!!

I have missed you, not having had much time to write or journal… and wow… I know that writing really grounds me and centers me, and journaling daily keeps me focused and gets all those crazy spinning wheels in my brain to slow down when I can put the pen to the paper! Then I can make sense of all my creative ideas, all the daily chores, and even the crazy cartwheels my brain does… so now I am back to the page… and here for you this Friday!

GCDC backstage- TF

Whew… a whirlwind week, down to California, a week full of dance with Tribal Fest, teaching 2 workshops and a huge performance with Gypsy Caravan Dance Company and The Caravan Project band, which was awesome! Plus I performed with the FAB four… oh my heart was a fluttering!

A video and more on that will be coming, but first, a HUGE shout out to my dancers—photo

Congrats to Christine Haviland (New Zealand), Nina Martinez (Australia), Amanda Richardson (Wisconsin/ US), Cinzia DiCioccio (Italy), and Deirdre Macdonald (Scotland) for finishing their certification course in Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® Teacher Training Level Four… amazing…


photo 5

Yowza… Enormous bounties of congrats to the dancers, Deirdre, Nina, Cinzia, and Amanda, to be the first in the world to be certified in Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® Master Teachers Level Two!

These ladies are teaching Collective Soul Levels One, Two, and now Three in person around the globe (you ready?) and I am honored and proud and so excited for them, and for you to have the opportunity to study with them!

photo 4

And then what happens to ones’ garden in one week? Wowowo… a bevy of blooms, as I took an intoxicating walk through my luscious paradise! Here is a sprinkling for you to enjoy…

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

so delicious!

And now on to the BLING!

Get inspired from at wild

Do you procrastinate???

I must share another fabulous turn around…makes my heart so giddy!

yum…let me know if you make this and how it turns out!


a little music for you….

I love this guy’s music…here is a little interview…Robert Earl Keen…

Now my lovelies… on to a fabulous weekend…

Collective Soul certified

remember, Collective Soul Online, Level One registration opens up June 1st…


and more info on this exciting adventure coming up for you this weekend…

hope you can join us… what a great way to spend four weeks of summer..dancing and digging in!

Thanks for being here and go out and smell the roses…


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