Dance and Desire — Paulette Rees-Denis

Dance and Desire — Paulette Rees-Denis


On the Prowl

I am slowly peeling away bits of my life

to move on, to move forward, and to let go…

as my man and I downsize

on the prowl for simplicity


taking memories of what I wanted and wished for and thought I could do…

reliving desires of past passions

keyboards, spinning wheels, pages of words

my dreams, still of homesteading

of music and goats and fibers and cafes

of hips and studios and troupes

of global connections and shimmying journeys

of open land and hibernation

prowling through the bones


with moments of memories

and layers of my past

photographs of journeys, people, times

clothes now meant for someone new

remnants of things

things things things

passing out chances for memories anew

tears shed and dry up as the path lies ahead


and the hermit shines a light



for the real



paulette rees-denis


Fine Updates!


I’ve just been given five more spots ( we were sold out!)

–3 with bathroom cabins, and 2 without! I need to know by MONDAY NIGHT!! Reserve now…

22nd Annual Women’s Weekend Retreat…

The Tribal Quest Experience — Dance and Desire


Feature of the Week!

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Online Class #2
online #2 class screen shot online2

Today! I’m part of this FREE Telesummit…Come on over and learn about mindset, meditation, money, sex, health, movement, and so much more… for free

Have an amazing week!


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