Dance and Desire — Friday Bling

Dance and Desire — Friday Bling

As always, I’ve got some goodies to share with you this fine Friday…

Angie and MIsha kissing Paulette

But I want to share with you our new

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Certified Level One Teachers!

I am so delighted that my Teacher Training Online (and in person) Level One was such a success. I wasn’t sure how the in person course would translate to the online course, at one time feeling that I had to teach only in the flesh! Apparently it was a huge success! Yahoo…big zaghareets!!!! (did you hear me trilling?) Four weeks of soul-searching, video viewing and filming, audio recordings to listen to, business skills to get that dance biz up and running with success, and lots of thought inducing questions for journaling, not to mention an incredibly active online community whose words and actions blew me away weekly! Really… an amazing experience for all of us.

TT1 online Australia

with Australian Master Teacher, Nina Martinez, and newly TT1 certified dancers — Carolyn Hardy, Christine Owen, Jordan Galliott, and Laurie Mackenzie…

TT1 online UKwith United Kingdom Master Teacher, Deirdre Macdonald and newly TT1 certified dancers — Caroline Bury and Julie Keast…

Misha and Angie- TT1 certificates

Misha Nell and Angie Wimmer from the US

elena and amalia TT1 certificates

Elena Mellai and Amalia Dell’Aquila from Italy

Irina- TT1 certificate

and Irina Koroleva from Russia!

and there are a few more Australian and New Zealand dancers waiting in the wings!

These gals are rocking the Tribal and bringing it to their towns, plus continuing on their journey with me, and my Certified Master Teachers too…watch for them…

Want to know more about these intensive certification courses? Go here! and join us…

And now…. for your fabulous bling!

Amazing women today…

Life at 90, thank you Phyllis Sues!

Did you know? the first sex toy store for women!

And another by Phyllis Sues–Secrets to living life!

Being present when you dance or do almost anything, that requires feeling and response means your brain has to take a walk and only return when you ask it to return. When I need memory is when I need that incredible piece of machinery. Being present is my idea of perfection. That’s when you and your mind are in sync and there is complete serenity, silence and harmony. You and your brain are one. No argument and in tango, no tension, just trust and euphoria. Not only does this apply to tango, but every activity. Try it in tennis, trapeze, yoga, and music. I mention these because they all are in my repertoire. It takes respect, concentration, and desire. If one can achieve these, then and only then, are you present.

To be present is a rare place to be. Once in my experience dancing tango, I have experienced that wonderful place. And when I improvise at the piano and compose music, then I’m truly present. It’s not what I would call a peaceful place, it is being alive and creative. In yoga being present for me is a two-minute handstand. Every cell in my body and brain is alert and totally quiet. There is nothing more personal, than being present.

Now here is a great story –-reincarnation anyone?

Weekly emails with artfully-delivered guidance… from Liv Lane

Tribal bundles for dancers from moi — 3 choices!

Tribal Bundle #1 Beginners Special

Tribal Bundle #2, for experienced beginners and above… 

Tribal Belly Dance Bundle #3, ready for more moves and tribal fun!

In the comments below, tell me which of these you loved the most, and why! I love it when you share what has inspired you…thanks for joining in…

and have a most splendid weekend…


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