Dance and Desire, with Paulette Rees-Denis

Dance and Desire

The past few weeks I have spent more time with my written words and photographs, and it has been glorious. I have been writing my online courses for you and, journaling almost daily for myself, and really enjoying my Desire Map Day Planner, plus joining in and teaching on other’s courses-what an honor, and writing articles for a few dance magazines—all fodder for my books and blogs, that are coming up soon, plus my other two HUGE courses that I’m working on.

This is truly fulfilling work for me. I even had the opportunity to go to a writer’s convention, and I often partake of assorted online adventures too. What a plethora of offerings out there. It can be mind-boggling. So necessary to shift through to find the perfect fit, know what I mean? It is easy to get caught up in the exciting hoo-ha that is getting put in our inboxes, oh, how I wish I could do it all, because it sounds like so much fun and delightful things to study and play with.

But then, time to focus and realize that I really want to stay true to the most important desires for myself, and not get spread too thin or fall into overwhelm, but stay centered and what I can do, what will bring me the greatest joy and benefit.

What I enjoy is the delvjng deeper into my Core Desired Feelings, which is work from Danilelle LaPorte’s Desire Map book, and what (as a licensed facilitator) I’ve been incorporating into my dance world…you may have heard me talk about my new course offering… Dance and Desire… where we blend intuitive guidance- spirit/source, with our gut, emotions, and body — to write, dance, acknowledge, connect with the feelings that we want, the how we want to feel, the why’s of why we want to feel that way, and how do we get there. And then to anchor it in the body through dance. This is great work on so many levels, and I am so loving it.

Exciting and enlightening, to get to the root of my existence and what and why I create, and how to move forward with intention, as I tune in deeper to myself.  And what do I really want to feel everyday, which comes from everything I do, or want to do more of to get to those feelings.

In some of my dance workshops we do exercises on how to dance with that open heart of intention, to mean everything we do, to be clear with our movements, to believe in how we dance and how we want to connect. Powerful stuff, this dance, and how much it teaches us, with the improvisational language, the body awareness, the community connection and support, and then we transfer into our daily living too.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 4.12.08 PM

However, in my writing world, I sit. Yes, me, sit. And if you know me at all, I have got to shake up this body more and often! Moving feeds my soul as well as my brain and body. I can’t stand to sit all day. Drives me bonkers! If you are one of those who also sit, at work all day, I have written just a short little document as a reminder of taking a break for ourselves, of getting up and moving that body, a little bit of self-love in our crazy fabulous everyday life.

If you are already a subscriber to my newsletter, I am offering  this PDF to you too and will send it out shortly… just a token of my appreciation to you for joining in with me weekly. And if you have not already subscribed ( on my website pages), then join us and I will send this colorful six page PDF with five ways to get your mojo moving as your Opt-in gift! What fun…

And make sure to check out my new banner and photos on the website too, I am so happy with it… beautiful colors and all! What do you think? Like it? Love it?

So, my friends, what do you want to feel everyday, and bring more of into your daily life?

Comment below and share your thoughts… loves…

Have a great week…


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