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Dance and Desire


Hello my pretties, Are you ready to make some changes? Desiring something new? On board to finally do that thing you have been wanting to experience?

Tell me, dear ones, what are you wanting, for you? Do you know?

What are you needing to feed yourself, your creative beautiful self, your dancing goddess-self, your body, your heart, your soul, with? Is it time to build on those dreams, of investing in yourself, your passions, your creativity, fuel for your brain as well as your body and soul?

What do you desire to do that will guide you, teach you, journey along beside you to take that next step for yourself, and possibly your career, and enliven your opportunities, open up more of the world for you, enrich your creative process?

Are you one who jumps right in when the inspiration and opportunities present themselves to you, or are you one who quietly calculates money, timing, and obligations? Are you open to spontaneity and improvisation, or always the one who waits in the wings for say, maybe a better time?

What are you afraid of?

I have heard so many say, “ah, I really want to do that thing, but I need to wait until next year,” and then that thing is gone and does not come back next year. Or they say, “I’ve always wanted to do that, but I can’t afford it.” Replace the word, can’t, with won’t, because that is what you really mean….as in I won’t allow myself to afford it. Hmmm…doesn’t that just FEEL different as you say it? It doesn’t feel good, does it?

You can change your words. Try this, “I will be able to afford that soon.” or better yet, “ I can do this.” or “I can afford it.” Words are powerful catalysts.

There are a million excuses that you can give yourself to stop yourself from going after what you want. It is called Self-sabotage! I, too,  have done that a million times to myself in the past. Then I stepped back and looked at myself doing it. WTF? Why would I want to stop myself from better health, a stronger body, a smarter brain, a career move, more income, more laughter, a holiday that would fill me up, a class that would better me, reading a book that would excite and inspire me, lunch with a friend, and any thing for more self-love which leads to all around more love? Why?

Victim, martyr, self-sacrifice? Need to move those words right on out of here.

Do you try to blame someone else for not having what you desire? Or say you aren’t worth it?

NOW. Take charge, get what you want, desire, need, to live this life to your fullest. Doesn’t that just sound better? Like what you really want to do. Can you do it? Can you name what is stopping you? And put a stop to that?

Time to quit making excuses. Are you ready to super fuel your life and your happiness, your well-being and your passion. Baby, you are SO worth it. We are all here to live and share and dance and journey with this magnificent life we have.

Exciting times, these. For you. To follow, to lead, to experience, to travel those roads of desire…all the goodness you can have. You deserve to have. You can own that, you know? You can create magic in your life. Only you can. But you gotta stop waiting…

The waiting game needs to be over and done with. What are you waiting for? What if that time never comes? Life is too short for for bullshit.

There is so much here in this lifetime for you, so much joy and happiness, so many people, places, things to help guide you, to show you the way, to open up your door. To have fun with!

I love when I watch my students and clients open themselves up to receive, to honor themselves for the beautiful goddesses they are. Trying something new. Breaking through the fear and the obstacles. And realizing that is really is not hard. It is the desire and the willingness to have, to change, to go after, to feel better. When you feel better, wow, the whole world opens up!

In my last Dance and Desire course I taught in Italy, after the students got  through my methods and exercises, we had such lively discussions and A-ha moments as they fully realized what they could have. And after naming their desires, they could see their potential for greatness and wellness and happiness. Sometime we get beat down in our day to day experiences, but really, only if we let that something beat us down. Sometimes it is  a simple fix, and sometimes it is more complicated, but no matter, it can be done. Changing your mindset is first.

Empowerment is so sexy, and so beautiful. Wellness, wholeness, aliveness, is what feels freakin’ amazing.

What can you do, now, to get you on your train to more awesomeness?

Acknowledging what you already have is super powerful (we talked about that gratitude journaling last week!) Being thankful leads to so much more. Do it. Make that list of what you are grateful for.

Then note what it is that you want more of, or want to change. Again, it is acknowledgement. Naming that thing, first. On paper, outloud… remember thoughts become words become things!

Note what you do for yourself now to take care of yourself, or not take care of yourself. Decide what you want more of, or want to get rid of. One little thing at a time, can become a great habit soon. Make it magic, a prayer, a ritual, a celebration. I’m all about celebrating our fabulous selves.

Want to dance more? Sign up for a class.

Want to write more? Get a new journal and start another round of the morning pages (always grateful to Julia Cameron for that great habit!)

Want to meditate? Start with 10 minutes every morning.

Get support. This could be an accountability partner, a coach, a guide, a therapist, your mate, a friend, anyone who could support you on your journey, and make sure you do what you want to do. You do not have to go it alone. Community is everything.

Make it the easy road, the path of least resistance.


What can I offer you? There are so many ways to move forward, and that in itself is an exciting adventure. That could be just the beginning for you. If you are needing assistance, I am here, too, for you.

Dance Guidance, Coaching, and Embellishment with Paulette!

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Are you wanting to explore what to do next with your dance, your life, your work, your passion?

Are you ready to step it up?

Have an idea and need some feedback or direction?

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Want to get your ideas down on paper, get your pen flowing?

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Another idea on your list — Collective Soul Level One Certification,

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Time to move it, shake it, own it. Do the things you have been wanting. And share that happiness with the world.  Now is a great time. Make it awesome and special and powerful. You are worth it.


Want to watch a fun video I made traveling and teaching around Italy with this cool app called Video Star?

Here you go…


Thank you so much for being here with me!

have an amazing week, and let me know how it goes!

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