Dance and Desire — You Gotta Move

Dance and Desire — You Gotta Move

You gotta move…you gotta move

give a listen…


  • Why dance? Freedom with the dance…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA –Body awareness, juicing up the joints, being silly, feeling sensuous, releasing emotions, moving free, to name a few–

Dancing has been a way for me to express myself, to allow myself the movement that my soul cries out for. It has brought me joy and health, and well-being. It has been my way of life for over 25 years, as a career, and all my life since I started at age seven.

Tribal Bellydance has guided me to become and stay aware and very conscious of my body, with its changes over the years. It has kept me strong and agile just from the movement orientation of constantly and consistently using my body, almost daily for so many years. I acutely notice the way my body has shifted over the years, partly because I look in the mirror at myself a lot while in classes and workshops, and because of that, I really know my curves, indents, bulges, weight gains and losses, which gives me that beautiful sense of familiarity in this womanly temple that I inhabit. In a world that swishes by so fast, to be able to stay connected and in my body is a constant.

As a woman, dancing and teaching these particular tribal bellydance steps has healed me when I’ve had menstrual cramps, emotional highs and lows, aching joints, and has gotten me through menopause. Body changes are apparent and let’s bring it to the forefront and glorify them. and love our body! How exquisite is this?

Dance is intimate, and can be a creative outlet too, as in body art form. Healing and rejuvenating from moving in a magical way is necessary for me to live my life. On a physical level, that ties in with emotions too, I know that dancing will always make me feel better. It warms the body, loosens the joints, strengthens the muscles, breaks a sweat, which is great by itself. It puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

It can hold my attention, and put me into a different zone, a calmer mindset, of that powerful place of being in total concentration. Moving meditation. Making these beautiful sensuous movements that the bellydance offers feels great in the womanly body, to provocative and intoxicating music, lighten the load, bring me back to the moment, the now. That’s where the magic is.

I have always loved to dance, from my young days as a ballet dancer, with a great aptitude for jazz, ( I channel Bob Fosse!). I think everyone, and I mean truly everyone, needs to dance, to move the body in some way, for optimal health and happiness.

When is the last time you tore it up on the dance floor, you cut a rug, or you danced around your kitchen while you cooked dinner with the ipod blaring?


And how did you feel afterwards?

Now, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® is all about learning a structured set of moves, and then put together improvisationally, and I originally meant this style to be danced with others, a community based dance. We crave connection. There is power and magic dancing in the moment with another, creating art freely, using this structured format. That connection you make looking into the eyes of another, and gracefully moving together in synchronicity–magic is created! That is empowering and powerful! Like two souls dancing as one, or the group together as a pulsing moving force.

However… as I am moving forward with my life, my dance, my work, my passions, I find I am dancing more on my own. I don’t teach 12 classes a week anymore, I don’t have three performing groups, and am not onstage every week, nor do I want that anymore. I have semi-retired from touring for my personal reasons. Delightfully, my certified Master Teachers are teaching more for me around the world and that is freakin’ awesome!  Plus I love having my online classes! What I thought would not work online, because I felt like I wanted to teach in person, has been stronger and more successful than I could have imagined. Not only can I reach more people around the globe, they also get to connect with more people around the globe.

(There’s my original idealistic vision 25 years ago of bringing women of the world together!)

But the strength and connection these dancers have, alone and together, in the online communities is sometimes enough to knock me off my feet! Ha, dancer loses balance! It has blown my mind to run these online dance and writing classes and to hear and watch how the women have grown and loved  doing the work, on their own! Yowza….

And I realized something. This dance, my style, Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® needs, and calls out to be practiced alone too. I’m not talking about any type of performance, or professional dancing. I’m talking about the dance itself, simply, just dancing! These moves feel good. This dance is gorgeous. The steps are based on the feminine body. From the ancient intuitive moves of tribal women, to the contemporary moves… having been passed down or recreated for us. They feel good in and on the body. This is a dance for all, no matter what age or size or background or anything. It just feels good.

Feeling good, and that is how I want to FEEL!

Beautiful, powerful, in control of my body and my overall well being.

I feel connected when I dance and workout alone. I still watch my body move. I feel the tight areas that need loosening up. I feel when I need to stretch my hamstrings. I put on delicious music and let myself groove to it. There is a freedom in that. A sensuality that is all mine. No one elses. It does not need to be shared. It is just for me.

Wow, that is quite a revelation. (And only took 25 years!)

I think that is a full circle.

I invite you to practice alone, on your own, and feel your own flavor, acknowledging your body, listening to the music that makes you swoon and gets you connected to yourself, and the earth! Beauty, passion, oozing sensuality and power.

Moving with intention…make your own magic.



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