Friday Bling

Dance and Desire… Friday Bling…May day

My intoxicating obsession this week has been my garden and my camera! It has been just a blissful moment by moment walk in paradise, with so much gratitude that my heart just might explode….and I will share more flower photos with you as I am obsesses with my iphone apps too! See more below…photo 1 (1)

After our dancing weekend last weekend, Dance and Desire, our women’s retreat in the mountains, full of dance and desire, self care, healing, yoga, dance, journaling, laughter, tears, a circle of the most incredible women, more dancing with grooves and sweat and goodness enough to keep me spinning with inspiration, excitement, profound proudness of my women/students/friend/co-teachers…the  awesome saucy and so wise, Elena Lipson and Lynea Gillen… I am so blessed to be able to do this work that I do and love…and bring it to you!

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more Breitenbush talk to come next week…

And now for you, my friends, the Friday Bling

Coolness…She sheds…


Yay!  a new cookbook…Healthy Happy Vegan Cookbook!


Cheryl Strayed writes:

“And it’s only when you can get out of your own ego that you can actually do what is necessary to do — in a relationship, in your professional life, as a parent, in any of those ways. It has to do with humility — doing the work.”

More here….


and whoa… liz gilbert share a diatribe…

Elizabeth Gilbert writes a VERY long post… on Wanting to be part of a Tribe, and Tribal shaming….

Tribes are important to human beings — in fact, they are essential. There is arguably nothing more vital to the ongoing existence of the human race than the cohesion and protection of a tribe. Our ancestors endured the fight for survival in the ancient world only because they clung together and shared resources. Even today in the modern world, tribes are still absolutely essential. Tribes keep babies alive and old people safe. Tribes care for the sick and the weak. Tribes provide protection, nourishment and warmth to vulnerable individuals (and we are all vulnerable individuals at some point or another)…but most importantly, tribes provide MEANING.

Henry Rollins, one of my heroes from days past…

Define creativity.

Starting with nothing and ending up with something.

dance party anyone?


and now…my garden…

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 2 (1) photo 1

Have a most fantabulous weekend… and dance your desires…


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