Dance and Desire Ecourse is ready for YOU!

Dance and Desire Ecourse is ready for YOU!

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Good Friday to you my friends!

How about we have a magnificent weekend…full of love and friendship and dance and vibrant fun? I’m ready for that…

A super full on week, lots of excitement in my land of Gypsy Caravan, my business, my homelife, and my brain…now it is coming time to have some down time, quiet my mind and heart, breathe in, breathe out, listen…and do what my body tells me to do to feed myself…you know that place? Of peace, bliss, soul connection, sloooowwww down and just be…

But first… I want to share with you two bits of exciting news…

Remember back many months, I ran my Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page Ecourse, for 8 weeks, with weekly connections with the students, a group page to share thoughts, checkins withe me? I ran this ecourse, live, 3 times… and here is what I found… this is good, intense work, with lots of soul diving, word searching, heart and soul feeling, self-loving and self-connection, body moving and experimentation. Good stuff. Lots of ideas, interviews with several solopreneurial earth-moving women, and questions about what we want and our desires for living a good and happy life. Lots of stuff… and this is quiet work, taking time for oneself was the idea, and taking time to share in the group was a bit much… Sometimes you just don’t want to share out loud, while you are searching, playing, listening. I get that.

Now you can take the course, on your own! Your own time, your own thoughts to write, listen to, dream and desire. I am delighted to offer the course now, called evergreen, which means you do it on your own time, in your own space, whenever you want to play and dance and write and listen and of course, you download and keep it for ever! (and at almost half the price as when it was live — double bonus!)

So I invite you to the course and take some time for yourself to do this fun work, play, to dig in a little deeper, to move that body with stretches and warmups and bits of this fabulously feminine Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, to feel your deliciousness and feel good in that body, and dig into your dreams to add more goodness to your gorgeous life!

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page

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And the second thing is to announce my new Creative Assistant!
Misha Cain Nell!




We will be kicking up our heels, long distance, working on our new websites, coming soon, and shimmying to you with lots of fabulous news, interviews, podcasts, new tshirts, Certfication Programs, and all good things Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®
and our Tribal Grooves™, Teacher Training program,
and my Movement, Momentum, and Magic Life Coaching…

Now my friends… have a blessed weekend,

with so much gratitude for being able to share with you,



What women said after taking the

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page ecourse:

My biggest takeaway:

“Encouragement to Dance, to do Self-Care, to share my thoughts”

“Organizing my time in order to do what I really desire…..opening myself totally toward new ways….new doors opened physically, mentally, spiritually”

“I really looked forward to every Sunday morning to see what was next. You are a great teacher, and I love your smile and enthusiasm.”

“I enjoyed the videos, writing, meditations, getting inspiration from you and the women you introduced to us, many ideas to keep on working with!”

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