Dance and Desire Ecourse, now open for you!

Dance & Desire: From The Body To The Page

with Paulette Rees-Denis


Body Love, Belly Dance, Heart-opening, Divine Inspiration, Soul Diving, & Celebration
an eight week dance, movement and word online course…

Be your own visionary
to go more in depth, more intense,
to get your groove on and feel awesome in your skin
use our sensual and feminine
Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®
for Ritual and Beauty and Celebration

Find the words in your body
put structure to your desire
adorn yourself to find your personal expression
define words to express your story,
and create and celebrate

Dance. Words. Desire. Write. Honor.

Celebrate. Pleasure.

Feel good. Feel you. Move. Now…

I am so excited to be offering this course again for you…read more and register here, to do on your own time! Enjoy this space and time for yourself!

Moving differently, questioning deeper, getting outside of your box…

I love guiding you on this type of exploratory movement and word journey. It is like a party for your soul and body to come together and get it on with your true desires…

Would you like to feel more alive in your body and your heart?

 Let’s get you dancing and journaling and celebrating your inner and outer being,

with passions and desires!

Join now for 8 weeks of inspiration, along with several specially invited outstanding women entrepreneurs who share bits of their stories,­­ and listen, write, dance, workout, and gain clarity about feeling great in our bodies and our hearts.

You. First. With love and celebration. It’s a party for yourself!

Crack open the fizzies, and do this for yourself!

To live in wholeness, wellness, with pleasure. To walk tall, breathe deep, move forward with intention. With abundance, prosperity, and a body that moves with you, as a woman, a powerhouse, a sensual creature, ALIVE!

I give you weekly prompts and inspirations and actions, with gentle nudges to dive into what you truly desire. I am thrilled to include interviews with some incredibly inspiring women who are rocking their life, their body and their business!

Life is a ceremony as we create magic with

our bodies and our words…

Join us!

In Dance and Desire, we use movement to reconnect with out bodies and hearts and souls. We use words to reach in and find what we truly desire to live a fulfilled, creative, and happy life. We use different styles of movement too, like yoga and stretching and getting funky, as well as sitting and moving meditations. Plus interviews with inspiring women, and now, all done on your own time…8 weeks full of motivational ideas and movement!

And have a great time doing it…Celebrate and cherish!

And all this, on your own time, whenever you desire to checkin with yourself, your body…download and keep forever!

Join us!

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